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My console is PAL 60GB. It is a first model available at european launch in march 2007 but I can't get its code now because I'm in work.

I've connected external power cords directly to the 12 and 13 pin of the NAND Flash 0 - exactly as is on NDT's PAL PS3 Bad Flash Fix Diagram. On PAL MB there is no capacitor leading these pins - the capacitor is placed near to Flash 1.

I agree with hosmy. Feeding the NAND also feeding other components on MB and in case of my PAL MB leaving HDMI cable connected causes that NANDs are not recognized properly.

Regarding the idea of cutting the power - I always disconnect power cable from console because switching it off leaves it in standby mode and you can switch it on by pressing PS button on the controller! So I think that in standby mode some components on MB are still feeded and as I said I don't want to brick my console :-)
Ok, did not know you also have pal console. mine is ntsc. And also sorry to confuse, I usually power with external, but never leave standby power on (solid red light) when connecting external power. But also I have never had issue detecting nand with power on console and all cables attached, and with external power and all cables attached.
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The ideea is to cut the power from ps3 neither from switch or unplug the power cord, so you'll have only ONE power source, if not, you can brick your console.
Sorry again if confused, my post a few up stated "cord connected (but switch off in back) "

so i leave power cord attached to back of console just flip kill switch also in rear of ps3 before power externally.

Maybe there are more differences in hardware of pal and ntsc power scheme. I will check with my spanish friends to see if they have issues detecting nand with cables and accessories connected.