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    worrorfight Guest
    Same here i couldn't download from the mirrors.

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    GammaX Guest
    Excellent PKG !

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    Dastler Guest
    Cool thanks

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    lenmaster Guest
    could i put my own characters in paintown?

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    masterandi08 Guest
    hahaha mugen, that's fun

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    Apr 2005

    Street Of Rage Paintown v0.9.8 PKG with Streets of Rage 4 PS3 Demo Out

    It's been awhile since the last Paintown Mod package, and today PlayStation 3 developer markus95 has made available a Street Of Rage Paintown v0.9.8 PKG including a Streets of Rage 4 Demo with details below.

    Download: Street Of Rage Paintown 0.9.8.pkg (205.0 MB) / Street Of Rage Paintown 0.9.8.pkg (Mirror) / Street Of Rage Paintown 0.9.8.pkg (Mirror #2) / Street Of Rage Paintown 0.9.8.pkg (Mirror #3) / Street_Of_Rage_Paintown_0.9.8.pkg (Mirror #4) / Street_Of_Rage_Paintown_0.9.8.pkg (Mirror #5)

    To quote, roughly translated: Is a new version of Beta Street Of Rage Paintown thus passes 0.9.8.

    The latter brings a few new features, such as destructible items or fixes some bugs here and there, more details in the changelog.

    The big novelty of this version 0.9.8 is the addition of a Mod-based demo, developed by Zhang Qiang and Allan.Cylakes, Street Of Rage 4.

    To discover all the fans of this license, and the excellent work done by these monstrous 2 devs on this future amateur game, I adapted the demo (available only release to date) for Paintown.

    Indeed, Street Of Rage 4 is developed on OpenBOR, I have thus "converted" and tried to recreate at best this short demo with engine Paintown (visible mined in the second part of the video for preview).

    The very little information about this demo is available here, and the PC demo: Street Of Rage Online.

    Unfortunately, there 'will be no Wii U version of this demo, the boot.dol of Paintown is not compatible with HD sprites of the latter.

    Changelog v0.9.8:
    • Added the demo of Street Of Rage 4 developed by Zhang Qiang and Allan.Cylakes
    • Added destructible items (in test)
    • Bug fixes his / Graphic
    • Modification / total replacement of sprites Adam
    • Modification of some sprites Axel
    • Corrections orders for Skate
    • Improving certain stage

    Status of Characters:
    • Axel 100%
    • Blaze 100%
    • Adam 90%
    • Skate 60%
    • Max 100%
    • DrZan 100%

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    ZEJT Guest

    Thanks :)

    Nice for this guys

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    rikou Guest
    Nice update, thanks also

  9. #79
    Canzah Guest
    Nice, but would be great if someone ported Street of Rage Remake.

  10. #80
    treyvonyy Guest
    Wow thanks for this amazing homebrew!

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