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    Apr 2005
    I know we posted on it before as mentioned in the article, but I have re-promoted it to the main page now for those who missed it previously and +Rep Markus95 for the new download link.

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    seeman Guest
    I can't get it working on rogero 4.30 v2

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    Markus95 Guest
    1- install the v2
    2- install the v3 with mod resident evil for your Version of CFW 3.55 or 4.xx

    the v2 is required for play with v3. The v3 is just a update...

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    seeman Guest
    still dont works....

    v2: 80010017 error
    v2+v3: 80010017 error...

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    Markus95 Guest
    Error 80010017 is a error of eboot... Install v2 and v3 for your CFW

    You have a 3.55 install v2 and v3 for 3.55
    You have a 4.xx install v2 and v3 for 4.xx

    The mod work on 3.55 and 4.xx...

    Tested on 3.55 kmeaw, 4.21.1 Rebug and 4.30 rogero...

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    seeman Guest
    i'm using first:

    Paintown v3.6.1 Mod Pack v2 PKG (from this thread)

    after this i install

    Resident Evil Operation Paintown v0.1 for CFW 4.XX PKG (from the thread before)

    are there any other files?

    where can i get Paintown v3.6.1 Mod Pack v2 PKG for 4.xx?

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    Markus95 Guest
    I checked the pkg for cfw 4.xx, there is one error with him thank you

    This is a new pkg, you test and tell me if that is good ...

    http://dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/F919eGzT - for cfw4.XX

    The version (3.55 or 4.XX) of V2 is not important because the v3 (update) replace the eboot for CFW 4.XX...

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    seeman Guest
    ok thx i will try it i will report back!

    ok thx now it works... but theres a lil bug if you try to change the resolution... first i got blackscreen and now it freezes... need to turn fullscreen off to get it workin!

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    Apr 2005

    Resident Evil Operation Paintown Mod Pack v3 PKG Final Version Out

    Following up on their previous update, this weekend Markus95 (with help from Daveyshamble501) has made available a Resident Evil Operation Paintown Mod Pack v3 PKG Final Version with details and a video demo below.

    Download: Resident Evil Operation Paintown Mod Pack v3 PKG Final Version

    To quote, roughly translated: Hi all, Here is the final version of our Mod Resident Evil Operation Paintown DaveyShambles and developed by myself (Markus95).

    This mod is dedicated to Resident Evil and incorporates the most important passages of the Survival Horror CAPCOM in the pure style beat 'em all (Final Fight, Street of Rage or Double Dragon).

    V.finale changelog:

    • Added options for modders (Life Up Intro playable characters, items breakable tools ...)
    • Miscellaneous Amendments (Logo continuous, sprites buttons, flash, etc.).

    MOD Resident Evil final version:
    • 5 players + 3 secrets (adding a character secret)
    • 18 Stages + 2 Bonus + 1 internship placements tutorial (adding total of 9 courses)
    • 15 enemies (adding 3 enemies)
    • Added sound effects and characters internships
    • Increased difficulty
    • Added a new item (life up)
    • Added intro for playable characters
    • Improvements players, enemies and internships
    • Added by 2 music course (random selection)
    • Add an end by level of difficulty (3 for slightly different)
    • Addition of blood during a sudden (flash)

    • You need Paintown Mod Pack v2 installed on your PS3 before installing this new version, available on the excellent wiki Dudu.clx
    • The Mod v 0.1 Resident Evil OP is not mandatory
    • You will find in the archive 2 pkg (the mod for 4.xx and fix 3.41/3.55)
    • For those 3.41/3.55:
    • Install in the first Mod Pack V2 (if it is not already)
    • Install the pkg Mod version 4.xx
    • Install the fix last 3.41/3.55.pkg

    Thank the entire team Paintown (Jon Lunuxx, Scristopher, Juviwork and others) as well as testers PS3:
    • Cool 72
    • Zen06
    • Chti77
    • Hades
    • Daveyshambles

    And also testers Wii and Wii U:
    • Crisebets
    • Ribery95

    Dudu.clx and my friend for her excellent wiki

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    GH1987 Guest

    Question Need mirrors for mod pack v2

    Hi and sorry for reviving an old thread but can you upload or give me a link for Mod pack v2?

    I couldn't download it from the official links I have mod pack v3 but unplayable without v2 and thanks

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