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Thread: Paintown 2-D Fighting Game PS3 Homebrew Test Port Arrives

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    I have promoted the update to the main page now for ya, and THANKS again for the bundle Daveyshamble501 and +Rep!

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    pinoytechno Guest
    thanks ps3news for updating us

    more power ps3news

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    Emiya Shirou Guest
    can we add our own chars?

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    superkamenrider Guest
    This is awesome! I've been waiting on this!

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    Daveyshamble501 Guest

    Resident Evil themed mod (side scrolling shooter) for paintown coming soon

    I am pleased to announce that I will be starting work on a mod for paintown based on resident evil. There will be 4 playable characters lots of zombies and BOW'S as well as herb and ammo pick ups.

    If it turns out to be popular I will do a Aliens an colonial marines one as well...

    Stay tuned to Ps3 news for further updates on this topic...

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    PS3 Paintown v3.6.1 Mod Pack v2 for 3.55 Custom Firmware Out

    Following up on the Super Mugen Bundle for PS3 Paintown, today Sybs has announced that PlayStation 3 homebrew developer Markus95 has released PS3 Paintown v3.6.1 Mod Pack v2 for 3.55 Custom Firmware users with details below.

    Download: PS3 Paintown v3.6.1 Mod Pack v2 / PS3 Paintown v3.6.1 Mod Pack v2 (Mirror)

    To quote, roughly translated: I published today the new version of my Mod Pack for Paintown 3.6.1, as well as a compilation of all the latest homebrew works published for this I'll let you see in the changelog.

    Mugen big news is now functional, so you can get face to one against one and take advantage of the Super Pack developed by Mugen Daveyshamble501.

    General changelog:
    • New ICON0.PNG, PIC1.PNG
    • Mugen functional

    • Addition of 4 characters:
    • Ragna developed by Lunuxx
    • He-Man, Zero, Shadow developed by Opium2k

    Markus95 final:
    • Addition of 4 characters:
    • Ragna developed by Lunuxx
    • He-Man, Zero, Shadow developed by Opium2k

    Saint Seiya v0.5:
    • Added 4 new characters (Asterion, Gemini, Virgo, Saga)
    • Adding an enemy (Jamir)
    • Added 5 new courses
    • Added special moves
    • New intro and end Internship
    • New item (invincibility)
    • New Music
    • Various improvements (icon, internships 07,04,15, intros, etc ...)

    • Added super pack 27 characters Mugen Daveyshamble501 including:
    • The characters from the RE pack 1 year 2
    • A better jill valentine added to the roster RE
    • ED-209, RoboCop Robocain year
    • Bartman
    • Solid Snake
    • Optimus and Megatron bonus
    • Scorpion, Subzero and Kano
    • 2x Predators, hunter warrior year
    • The Guyver
    • Veiwtiful joe
    • Dr. Doom
    • Changed paths in fightfx.def in fonts
    • Added character's name and specific courses attached to them
    • Added year courses to Watch Vs modes
    • Opened out some files in folders character
    • Fixed some other things in select.def

    Thank you to all the devs (Jon Rafkind, Lunuxx, Scristopher, Opium2k, Daveyshamble501) who published their work and who made ​​this compilation.

    Installation - IMPORTANT - Delete the old version of this Paintown on your PS3
    • Install the pkg v2 directly from the install package files
    • Start Paintown

    [imglink=|PS3 Paintown v3.6.1 Mod Pack v2 for 3.55 Custom Firmware Out][/imglink]
    [imglink=|PS3 Paintown v3.6.1 Mod Pack v2 for 3.55 Custom Firmware Out][/imglink]
    [imglink=|PS3 Paintown v3.6.1 Mod Pack v2 for 3.55 Custom Firmware Out][/imglink]
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    yogeshh Guest
    Can we add character from the pc version and play with this ?

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    Daveyshamble501 Guest

    Cool Video: New Resident Evil Mod for Paintown on PS3 POC Demo

    As I hinted on last week, to tie in with my recent fighter packs for Mugen I have decided to work on the other side of Paintown's features which includes the side scrolling beat em up section.

    What Jon Rafkind has given us with his game is a virtually easy to use character editor an level creation tool. This is my first dive into game creation and there's been some trial an error moments as well as some ''oh I see'' moments, but my understanding of this is becoming better an better with everyday I spend with this.

    So anyway I sat down and decided that I was gonna do a Resident Evil side scroller. I have a lot of ideas that will work well in this mod, Ive even had a few other ideas for some future mods. I can understand why video games take an age to come out, it took me 3 days to put Hunks character together, that's ripping the sprites an putting them into there move folders then converting them one by one to be transparent so the game doesn't show the coloured background behind the sprite.

    I'm using three different computers all with different operating systems to compile this mod, only because they each have different applications I can use like photoshop an ultimate fighter factory. The sprite process is so long that I didn't get to sleep till 7am for 2 nights in a row because I wanted it working before I went to bed, once you get into doing this it becomes worthwhile to see the out come of everything you do...

    Anyway here's a video of how far i've got so far,its nothing special at the moment just a test to make sure everything will an should work...

    I will be adding things to levels like breakable objects an herbs instead of apples an cakes for power ups, there will also be a load of enemy to beat your way through, all classic Resi bad guys, I hope you've enjoyed this sneak peek into my upcoming mod!

    [imglink=|Video: New Resident Evil Mod for Paintown on PS3 POC Demo][/imglink]
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    I have now mainpaged your POC video, amazing how many hours you dedicate to these mods indeed and +Rep for the preview update Daveyshamble501!

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    Daveyshamble501 Guest

    Video: Resident Evil Operation Paintown PS3 Homebrew Game Out

    Following up on my PoC Demo and the recent Paintown Special CFW 4.21 update by markus95, today I am releasing the PS3 homebrew game Resident Evil Operation Paintown along with a video of it in action below!

    Ever wondered what the Resident Evil series would've been like had it been put out on the Snes or Megadrive ? Well ponder no more as I have answered that ultimate question with this.

    I have put a load of hours into this, roughly 12 hours a day for 3 weeks and had no help from anyone (even though I did message someone who didn't bother to message me back) If I get a big enough response from this one I shall start work on a ''Aliens'' one with marines, pulse riffles, power loaders, etc, etc

    Hello folks, Remember last week how I showcased my Resi paintown colaberation ? Well I said roughly 4 weeks before you'd see a release well I have some exciting news for you all, After working flat out all week I have a beta version ready for you to enjoy, there will be updates in the coming weeks adding stuff that I haven't finished like some more special moves an combos an some levels that I didn't get to finish.

    It is totally playable and looks fine, to be honest its just me being a perfectionist. Anyway I thought id release it now as i'm going on holiday for 2 weeks on Monday, I'd say that the game is 97% finished, and i will put an update out when I get back from holiday.

    As always there will be the download link an the video in this post...

    For those of you that have Markus95's saint seya mod of paintown on there console don't fret, just add this one to your PS3 and you will have 2 on your machine , Markus95s an mine as Markus95 use's a different file path for his mod starting in 'BLESxxxxxx' were as mine will be ''paintown_''..

    In my download there are 2 things one is a folder called ''paintown'' and a PKG of paintown 3.6.0. What you need to do if you have Markus95's mod is this...

    Install the paintown PKG 3.6.0 via ''install packages'' once installed go into multi-man an use your file browser to go to ''game/paintown_'' now highlight ''paintown_'' and delete it. Once deleted put my one in its place... Then come out of multi-man and you'll see my Resi paintown icon, press ''X'' and enoy... To install if you dont have Markus95's mod... do this:

    Go to ''multi-man'' open the file browser go to ''game'' find ''paintown_'' delete it and replace with my one... simples... your now ready to get mashed up by some zombie hoards...

    If you watch the quick 54 second video please rate an subscribe to my channel... there's no sound on it cos it was late and I didn't wanna wake my girlfriend, but theres loads of sound in the game.

    In the game: you have.... Hunk, Chris Redfeild, Leon Kennedy, Albert Wesker an Jill Vallentine, and as a bonus player you have me, Daveyshambles.

    You can pick up herbs for health... and there a lots of familiar enemies to smash to bits.. Every player has a gun attack by either pressing, up then square or up an X, or down an X or down an square... Some of the paintown elements are still there as it is Resident evil paintown. Once again I hope you all enjoy playing this

    (A big thank you to Jon Rafkind an all my mugen people) The quick video... Resident Evil Operation Paintown via YouTube:

    The dowload link...

    Download: Resident Evil Operation Paintown PS3 Homebrew Game

    Someone else can mirror to if they like...

    [imglink=|Video: Resident Evil Operation Paintown PS3 Homebrew Game Out][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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