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    hacked2123 Guest

    The P3T File Format

    I've been trying some simple tests to understand how the PNG's are stored in the P3T file, the header keeps the location of the beginning of the file and then list the size the file. The next file begins after the Hex String is 0'd off.

    the first 4 hex bytes define what the icon is (MUSIC(D9), PHOTO(D1), GAME, etc.). It appears that the png is converted into a physical representation.

    For those interested in see what I have just download the PNG's and xml below, this will simply your task.

    (BTW Jpg's aren't converted.)

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    hacked2123 Guest
    2 & 3 look like this via hex (respectively)

    [Register or Login to view code]

    [Register or Login to view code]

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    hacked2123 Guest
    This might help some. There is a program called gim2bmp.exe. I just found it but I bet either asking for the src (the guy is japanese though) or decompiling it might help us understand the p3t file.

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    iqd Guest
    Just look here (GIM FileFormat): http://pspdum.my.land.to/psp/gim.html

    As i forgot: It seems, that the PS3-Themes use the same raw format as the PSP-Themes.

    Take a look at the [PSP] RCO Editor v1.15c (on this Web site in PSP Downloads) which has a GIM <-> BMP conversion routine.

    I'm missing an edit button

    You can also start from here with Sony's GIM-Converter (animated GIM's )


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    Ni0b Guest
    @hacked i know u are real pro so pls dont laugh at me but i found a custom theme creator pack with a themebuilder and a p3tcompiler.

    P3t files are encrypted as well and i think its done by the P3tcompiler what means he know how to encrypt and swap the theme ti signed code for the ps3.

    Perhaps the key lays in it and when we debug his functions we haev a way to embedd unsinged code in it.

    Is it worth a try?

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