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    solrac1974 Guest

    P3Hub: The Next PS JailBreak Clone with a PS3 USB Hub Built-In

    The next PS JailBreak clone actually offers something the others don't, called the P3Hub it comes with a PS3 USB hub built-in for $59.99.

    Downloads: P3HUB User's Manual / P3HUB1 SETUP Burner Guide / P3HUB1 Burner Tool v1.1 / P3HUB1 Burner Hex Code v1.1 / P3HUB2 SETUP Burner Guide / P3HUB2 Burner Tool V1.2 / P3HUB2 Burner Hex Code v1.2

    According to the offical site (linked above), P3Hub went on sale yesterday across the globe and comes in two models- the P3Hub1 and the P3Hub2 with their features outlined below along with some pictures.

    P3 HUB 1 / P3 Hub 2 Main Features:

    - P3 HUB is basically used as a normal USB hub, which does not contain any unauthorized program code. So it will not cause any legal problems to the sellers.
    - This device supports self-programmable feature through USB, users can easily upgrade the system according to their needs.
    - By uploading the latest firmware, users do not need to unplug external USB storage device during restarting the PS3 console.
    - For both slim and fat models, it will increase the life time of the external USB storage device and simplify the operation step.
    - With extra two more USB ports, users can connect more USB devices to their PS3 console
    - Break PS3 perfectly
    - No need unplug external hardisk
    - Avoid to remove the external device trouble before the user starting up the console
    - Simplify the complex steps to make the operation more humane
    - Upgradeable hardware firmware
    - PS3 Dongle and USB HUB perfect combination to support all of the external device plug and play.
    - P3 HUB multiple USB external device expansion
    - Fully compatible USB1.1 and USB 2.0 devices
    - Without driver, plug and play
    - More reliable and stable performance
    - Support common USB HUB function

    P3 HUB F.A.Q.

    Q1: What is P3HUB?
    A1: P3HUB is a perfect combination of PS3 dongle and USB HUB, which is more stable in function, and better simplify the starting approach. It's also a cute USB HUB with 2 ports.

    Q2: How to install P3HUB ? Is it easy to install?
    A2: It is easy to install, It support homebrew burner programm, User can download the latest User's manual from our DOWNLOAD webpage.

    Q3: What is the warranty of P3HUB ?
    A3: P3HUB is sold with a 1 year warranty. Our distributors and retailers will take care of all warranty issues.

    Q4: It's really very cumbersome the previous PS3break need to remove all connected USB device before booting the PS3 console. Is there any improvement for P3HUB ?
    A4: A great improvement has been made upon it for P3HUB. All connected USB devices need not be removed before booting your PS3, Which doesn't affect the normal operation of P3HUB, and reduce the vexation of removing external USB storage effectively

    Q5: Does it permanently modify my console?
    A5: Certainly not, once the P3HUB is removed, it is completely disabled.

    Q6: Why it is said an un-know USB device was found in the menu when I connect the P3HUB with PS3.
    A6: Referring to this message, it means the P3HUB doesn't work normally. You need to check the following operations:

    1. Ensure the disc drive of the PS3 is empty
    2. Ensure the PS3 system firmware is V3.41
    3. On the precondition as the above mentioned. Do as following:

    (1) It's important to make sure the power was cut off.
    (2) Insert the P3HUB to the PS3 device.
    (3) Connect the power jack with PS3 device to enter its ready mode.
    (4) Power on the console and press the Eject button very quickly.

    Q7: why the "manager.pkg" file wasn't appeared when I executed Install Package Files in the menu ?
    A7: Referring to this problem, please solve it as the following steps:

    1. To ensure a copy of Backup Manager (manager.pkg) file in FAT32 format is copied on it. And it's stored in the root column of the external USB storage. Otherwise, It will be failure.
    2. With the above 2 conditions are fulfilled, intert the external USB storage, choose "Install Package Files", the "manager pkg" will come up?then choose and execute it.

    Q8: When I came back to the Games menu, to choose "Backup Manager", the joystick of the controller refused to work, and cannot choose the files in the menu ?
    A8: After you choosing "Backup Manager" ?you may choose the games, delete some files or backup files, etc by using the cross-shaped control keys on the left of the joystick

    Q9: After I finished the backup of the file, I chose the game in "Backup Manager" menu, and execute "load", an error message appeared, "please insert the original BD game disc". Why ?
    A9: To load up the game, a booting-disc is needed for loading the PS3 games by inserting any original BD game disc into the drive of the PS3

    Q10: When I loaded the created backup game, it was back to Games menu, the game what I wanted hasn't been loaded. What's the reason ?
    A10: It's normal, When you came back to Games menu, you may find the just created backup games was above the icon of "Backup Manager". Choose and execute it.

    Q11: What is "manager.pkg"? What's it for ? Why I cannot open "Manager.pkg" on my PC ?
    A11: Manager.pkg is a homebrew firmware for PS3 system, and it can be run with PS3 system only, which cannot be indentified by PC. The method of manager.pkg setup, please refer to Q6.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Thanks for submitting this solrac1974, I moved it to the Site News now and +Rep.

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    humi Guest
    A11: Manager.pkg is a homebrew firmware for PS3 system...


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    BwE Guest
    lol we shouldn't advertise this crap. and lol it would never work with jaicrabs app

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    redburn Guest

    Big Grin

    "- Break PS3 perfectly"


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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    All your base are belong to us indeed...

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    jokr2k10 Guest
    I didn't think USB powered Harddrives worked on PS3, if you look at the pictures it shows a USB powered hard drive connected.

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    thugplayer Guest
    I like that you don't have to disconnect the USB drive everytime you need to turn on your PS3 though.

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    Jes03 Guest
    I have a 4 port USB hub with the PlayTV, PSeye camera and USB powered HDD all working fine. If I connect the controller to charge it all drops out. The only thing that can be connected and still work is a usb stick. So as I have 5 USB on the slim thats 1 problem I don't have over the 60gb. I have to remove both USB from the 2 USB ports when I boot so the jailbreak works.

    Having a 2 port hub to jailbreak would be nice. Then I would only have to remove 1 USB device instead of both and have 6 USB ports available.

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by redburn View Post
    "- Break PS3 perfectly"

    Cool, I was not the only person who thought it.

    Btw : Looks very cheap and the blue color - ugly.

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