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    tammikm Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by jokr2k10 View Post
    I didn't think USB powered Harddrives worked on PS3, if you look at the pictures it shows a USB powered hard drive connected.
    they work fine, thats all i use..

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    Transient Guest
    I'd buy something like this that worked with an open source jailbreak. It's a pretty good idea for users with only 2 USB ports IMO.

  3. #23
    m0nk3hjam Guest
    I use a usb powered hard drive with out issue. If the PS3 were to stick to the recognized usb specification (which they have) it would have to work. My PS3 only has 2 ports and I use a generic hub without issue.

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    mcarteaux Guest
    You can tell a product is shoddy; while new it doesn't have a standardized price. Means the manufacturer has no idea what it's product is worth, so it told it's distributors to place the highest amount they think they can get for it. On it's USA based distributor list the price range goes from $40.50-68.00. Kind of sketchy.

  5. #25
    zoned Guest
    they could have at least made the effort to make it black like the PS3.

  6. #26
    tonybologna Guest
    The releases just keep coming!

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    xtemegamr Guest
    I have a question, My Ps3break will be arriving soon, but after reading all the comments and reviews of it being dodgy, i am planning to get more genuine upgradeable Jailbreak Usb, which will again take more time to reach, so will i be able to copy games with this meanwhile and later use other dongle without having to reinstall the games again ??

  8. #28
    skeleton Guest
    YES you can. Just get a better dongle next time, preferably a minimus

  9. #29
    xtemegamr Guest
    Good News, it means these dongles are interchangeable , well skeleton i had no idea when i bought it , frankly i am not into all this programming stuff.

  10. #30
    zoned Guest
    After searching for whats available the minimus seems to be the only one in stock, ordered mine at the start of the week and it arrived 2 days later.

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