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Thread: P3Go PS3 JailBreak Device Adds 3.55 Firmware Cheat Support

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    P3Go PS3 JailBreak Device Adds 3.55 Firmware Cheat Support

    Similar to the PS3UserCheat device or the PS3 Cheat Enabler homebrew application for PlayStation 3 comes 3.55 Firmware cheat support for P3Go PS3 JailBreak devices using PS3UserCheat Files.

    Download: P3Go Cheat 3.55 CFW

    To quote, roughly translated: The update method is just the same as the previous:

    1. Place the "update.bin" into the root directory, pull out and then insert, the U disk will be popup, at this time, place the cheatlist.dat into the root directory of the U disk.

    2. If need to update the cheatlist.dat, must insert a TF card to the P3GO, and then the computer can identify U disk of the P3GO. If insert into a PS3, the TF must by pulled out, otherwise the PS3 can not recognize it. (The unknown device appeared on PS3 is normal)

    3. After completing the update, pls install the CODEUNIQUE_355_auto_detect. CU management software, "CHET11111_ONLY CHEAT_355.pkg" do not have the functions of game guide, can use with the 3rd management software

    4.Very sorry, the dongle without this kind of IC chips can not be upgraded for 3.55 system. If the dongle has already been upgraded, may cause it to stop working correctly. Please refer to and recover it to V9 version. then use this file to upgrade the dongle for 3.41 system.

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    NTA Guest
    Might be able to make use of this. Thanks for posting it!

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    tigereye Guest
    l also got P3Go Stick... after release CFW i never used this stick... so now it time to used for test.. i myself HATE cheat... but i know there are many user who love to know this news...

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    If Dean would include this in his multiMAN it would be second Xmas for us

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    tv306 Guest


    Sorry but is there anyway of telling if you have a IC chips without opening it?

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    tigereye Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by tv306 View Post
    Sorry but is there anyway of telling if you have a IC chips without opening it?
    if you see the picture up on post left stick red one got usb connection on left side is the IC chips... and other one got usb connection on right side... check your usb conncetion on stick may be this will help you.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Nah - it's the same side on both, but each of them is pictured from different (top / bottom) side of the PCB. My advice would be if tou can peek inside to check which colour of PCB is there (green or red) that would help to identify version as well without taking it out of casing.

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