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Thread: P3Go GT Break Clone PS3 ModChip with Switch is Incoming

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    matthewelver Guest
    Sorry for the off-topic post but a minimus fits perfectly inside the "wifi max" usb access point for psp the clear black plastic is even in the right place for the LED's!

    This looks to be good for the linux booting even if we get a custom firmware, but then again won't a custom firmware re-instate the built in OtherOS options to the XMB? tbh I was happy enough with the performance of OtherOS even though it was crippled.

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    michaelstone Guest
    that's convenient with the switch...

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    longhornx Guest
    maybe with this we can run the JIG files that was leaked a long time ago...

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    Torochan Guest
    I just want the switch...

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    farenheit Guest
    I was looking at getting it too at that price but we really need to know if and what hexes we can put on it...

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    TRib Guest
    I was wondering the same.. what's under the hood..

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    Prince Valiant Guest
    I gotta say, it looks pretty sleek. If I didn't already have something I probably would have bought this just because it looks so cool XD. Whoa, $30 is a pretty solid price.

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    evilsperm Guest
    I think I'll be ordering one of these to test

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    Vejita Guest
    Dual boot FW will be great for using PSGroove/PL3 alongside AsbestOS.

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    n4ru Guest
    Just ordered one, there better be a way to install .hex files eventually, relying on the clone maker is definitely not cool.

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