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    Jes03 Guest
    They cant do that in Aus. Modchips are LEGAL in Australia so they cant stop the PS Jailbreak from being sold. It's just $ony's way of having a huge cry about the PS3 finally being hacked. Give it a few days/weeks and they will be back in stock and being sold again.

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    tonybologna Guest
    That's what I thought too! I think Sony is doing this to get their hands on one of these devices to plan their countermeasure. Probably something to do with getting a firmware update out to disable the dongle! The official tug of war is on!

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    hacked2123 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Jes03 View Post
    They cant do that in Aus. It's just $ony's way of having a huge cry about the PS3 finally being hacked.
    The PS3 is now hacked2... it took 1,2,3 years to finally pull it off

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    Chris9092 Guest
    Unless of course it has the stolen code that has been mentioned in previous posts.. All Sony needs to do is prove that a small portion of the code on there is theirs and they will probably win.

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    tonybologna Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by hacked2123 View Post
    The PS3 is now hacked2...it took 1,2,3 years to finally pull it off
    This is why I don't care to wait for 3 more years for an alternative solution to this dongle!

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    Jes03 Guest
    All this fighting from $ony. No wonder the PS3 is the loosing console.

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    deathwingzero Guest
    Here is what the image says.. I corrected some typos, though not grammar.

    Unknown: is your price still the same Psjailbreak?

    Psjailbreak: Yes

    Unknown: companys in Australian get a lot of problems ...Sony Halts Australian ReSellers..this is a big problem

    Psjailbreak: It is a temporary injunction until Aug. 31

    Psjailbreak: Will be reached then

    Psjailbreak: Nothing illegal has been done

    Psjailbreak: It is just a scare tactic

    Unknown: cracking bootcode of Sony is in all country illegal. we selling consoles now for 10 years..we had problems with Sony aswell

    Psjailbreak: There is no copyrighted code, and we have not interfered with any intellectual property law

    Psjailbreak: Device is designed for homebrew

    Psjailbreak: Nothing illegal

    Psjailbreak: Product is designed very well so no problems can arise

    Psjailbreak: This product is very different from every other mod

    Psjailbreak: NOTHING ILLEGAL

    Unkown: yes..but all these shops returning customers money back...people in forums says order cancelled

    Psjailbreak: It is just a scare tactic, and it is obviously working

    Unknown: it will work in Europe also soon

    Psjailbreak: Then everyone will be missing out on lots of profits

    Psjailbreak: Too bad for everyone who gets scared easily

    Psjailbreak: The strong willed ones will make more now

    Unknown: yes but technically shops do not know how the Usb stick works..bootcode or something like that..because of this people scared and they think they cant win..we dont want to take the risk

    PSjailbreak: But once you understand you will see nothing to be scared about

    Psjailbreak: No copyright infringement

    Psjailbreak: No interfere with intellectual property laws

    Unknown: okay i will tell people
    For those interested..

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    Zhar Guest
    People with the dongle code should just leak it, and not "closed-leak" where only certain people get their hands on it, but to everyone.

    Lets see how Sony gonna stop it then... With bonus points for dongle schematics.

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    clouduzz Guest
    it gets hacked years after the console was released and before it can really take off Sony's already ready to put the axe down hard, Good thing it's out there now.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by deathwingzero View Post
    Here is what the image says.. I corrected some typos, though not grammar.
    Thanks for the effort deathwingzero and +Rep!

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