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Thread: OtherOS/RSX with 2.10 debug fw

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    coxyy Guest

    OtherOS/RSX with 2.10 debug fw


    Did someone tried to launch the RSX exploit under the debug firmware `downgrade`. I would like to know if someone has already investigated the hypervisor behavior on partially dbg fw.


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    agentnumber2 Guest
    I'm curious about this too, however, I wouldn't hold my breath since we've seen only partial debug installs thus far.

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    b45678 Guest
    hey, so whats an RSX?

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    Quote Originally Posted by b45678 View Post
    hey, so whats an RSX?
    Check here for some details on that:


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    coxyy Guest
    I was perhaps a too early question. What about the situation now, does anyone did try to access the RSX (Nvidia graphic chip) from linux on a debug FW?

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