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    NDT Guest

    PS3 Square Button OtherOS Demo 1.0 help


    i downloaded and installed the OtherOS Demo 1.0 but i cannot get it to work. I tried all the resolutions/output ports and all i get is a corrupted graphic video. Someone tested it succesfully?

    I'm interested on it cause i'd like to work on the source but if it doesn't start then i cannot even begin


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    thebond Guest
    how did it work on yours because when i tried to install it said "no applicable installer was found". Does anyone know, and i do not have linux installed on my ps3 and my FW is 1.10

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    NDT Guest
    i have 1.50 fw pal, i use the old otheros.self that was released by sony.

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    thebond Guest
    how did u transfer this to the ps3 and what folders did u make and did u do the partition of the hdd?

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    NDT Guest
    use a pendrive (or a CD) and make this dir: PS3/Otheros/

    in that dir copy otheros.self and otheros.bld (the demo)

    then install it in the PS3.

    the demo is here:


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