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Thread: OpenSplit v1.0 to Split 4+GB Files for Open Manager PS3 Arrives

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    darkfortesp Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by GrandpaHomer View Post
    No - it would not run as the large files will be splitted so PS3 will be not capable to run the game.
    i meant i already have the full 4gb+ file on my pc and it is on the external already , its not split and its a whole full file. if i run that on any backup manager would it run?

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    Fejwin Guest
    TO: darkfortesp
    Most likely your external HDD is not formatted in FAT32. In that case you can have your 4gb+ files there, but your ps3 will not recognize the external HDD. If your external HDD is formatted in FAT32, then you can't possibly have any 4gb+ files on it. Because files bigger than 4gb are not supported by FAT32.

    Check your external HDD format!

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    peepoop Guest
    What is the file system of choice for use with Open Manager? Is it really fat32? Is there something better that will recognize? Something Linux based?

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    darkfortesp Guest
    yea, it's fat32 but i transfered the file from my computer using ftp server, and from the pc its on the external, now my question was since fat32 doesnt support 4gb+ , it wouldnt run at all? or would it, since i already have all the necessary files on the external?

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    Fejwin Guest
    Just try it then. See if it runs well or not. My guess is, it will freeze.

    TO: peepoop
    Never heard of any other formats recognized by ps3.

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    IHM Guest
    Does the filesize change drastically like when copying with filemanager, resistance goes from 17.5gb to 10.5gb when copied from internal to external? either something is missed or its compressed or something?

    Anyway, i had no idea open manager even did this, i'll give it a go, see what happenes.

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    Fejwin Guest
    I've attached a little screenshot of the program for the first post.

    I know, the program is not beautiful, but hey ^^ it does the job!

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    tjay17 Guest
    This is nice thanks now if only the split games could be played that way.

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    darkfortesp Guest
    another question , how do you run this on your pc?

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    Fejwin Guest
    You mean the OpenSplit program? Double-click "OpenSplit.jar" - Its a java executable. So you should have java installed.

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