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Thread: OpenSplit v1.0 to Split 4+GB Files for Open Manager PS3 Arrives

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    c4b3l Guest

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    blackmamba23 Guest
    Hello everybody, how can i use opensplit 1.2 in Mountain Lion? When i start the app the window is soon minimized and it's not possible to see anything or resize it. Can someone nows a program that works as opensplit in mountain Lion?


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    giupone Guest
    Dear Fejwin, it would be really appreciated if you can update you program so it can work on mac osx with the new java update.

    Thanks !!

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    vietconghai Guest

    i want to split my big file and use open split1.2 but if i open my folder it seems not working still stand at 0% what can i do ?


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    burlete Guest
    opensplit wont work anymore, gonna try this split4g one.


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    mossads Guest
    Thank you for this share bro

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    battiato Guest
    Thanks, I'm trying it.

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    lookeador Guest
    I hope this will help me for my game

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    FRAJASU Guest
    If this program is java executable, can i run in linux terminal?

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    Bennews Guest
    Thanks for sharing. I really need this.

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