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    Quote Originally Posted by itwalksamongus View Post
    What's the best PC program for this, opensplit 1.2 doesn't have an exe?
    You have to click the .jar file !

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    Quote Originally Posted by modmate View Post
    You have to click the .jar file !
    It opens in winrar when i double click the .jar file

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    Hey Feywin,

    please contact me. i want to improve your opensplit and need some informations regarding your sourcecode.


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    I hope this is not too off topic, but is it possible to transfer parts of a game at a time to the PS3 through Open Manger? For example my USB stick only holds 7.45GB, is it possible to put only half of a game's files on it and transfer it, then do the 2nd half the files?
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    TO: Warrorar
    Sorry I wasn't here for quite a bit of time. How can I contact you? If you still are still interested, you can just ask right away here in this thread.)

    TO: Neo Cyrus
    Yes, it is. If you place all files right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by modmate View Post
    You have to click the .jar file !
    nothing happens when i click the .jar file, a small windows comes and goes.. that's it.

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    thanks a lot man +rep

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    thanks a lot , finally a program that works, i got problems trying to find a good one, thanks to you that search end, + rep if i can find were click for rep lol sorry Im noob at this site.

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    The star thingie at the bottom left lol

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    Open Split doesn't work anymore on Mountain Lion, using Java 7 Update 7 (build 1.7.0_07b10). Since Mountain Lion Java 6 isn't supported anymore, so we need an update to make it work on Mountain Lion.

    What happens if you open the app is that the application window gets instantly resized to a small rectangle (containing only the three buttons close/minimize/resize) and can't be resized. See attached image for an example of this.

    Can you please update Open Split to support this?

    Thanks in advance
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    Schermata 2012-09-23 alle 12.22.05.png  

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