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    Apr 2005

    OpenPS3FTP v1.1 Arrives, an Open Source PS3 FTP Server App

    This weekend jjolano has released OpenPS3FTP v1.1, an open source multi-threaded PS3 FTP Server application utilizing some functions from stoneMcClane's previously released PS3FTP.

    The version 1.1 update below adds increased stability, performance, and some bugfixes detailed in the ReadMe file, v1.2 fixes passive mode, version 1.3 changes are detailed HERE, version 1.4 updates are outlined HERE followed by v1.5 changes HERE.

    Download: OpenPS3FTP v1.0 / OpenPS3FTP v1.1 / OpenPS3FTP v1.2 / OpenPS3FTP v1.3 (Dev Version) / OpenPS3FTP v1.3 OpenPS3FTP v1.4 / OpenPS3FTP v1.4 (No Pass) / OpenPS3FTP v1.5 / OpenPS3FTP GIT

    From the author: I haven't seen an open source ftp server that is multi-threaded, so I decided to code this up. Also, blackb0x ftp is just having problems for me since I use FileZilla and for some reason blackb0x doesn't like it.

    Some functions are from stoneMcClane's PS3FTP, so credit to him for those.

    OpenPS3FTP is an open source multi-threaded ftp server for the PS3. Made with PSL1GHT (kudos to those guys).

    Default username: root
    Default password: openbox

    • Passive mode support
    • Active mode support
    • Multiple worker support (multi-threaded)

    Soon to come:
    • User and password database file (and maybe even directory restrictions)

    • Fix chmod
    • Stability

    In related PS3 homebrew news, SvenGDK via LuxDev has made available Multi Tools for PS3 v1.0.2 followed by Multi Tools for PS3 v1.1 and Multi Tools for PS3 v1.1.1 with some bugfixes and menu changes. To quote:

    What changed on the menu?
    • Jailbreaks is now called Hacks
    • Options is now called Settings
    • Sign PKG is now called Sign PKG (.pkg) File
    • Report Bugs... is now called Open Reporter Description: > ...
    • Hacks will contain a new feature on the next release, AsbestOS
    • All working CFWs for 3.55 will be shown
    • HDD icon changed ... :O!

    Bugfixes and spelling changes:
    • Costum -> Custom
    • Background should now change properly on changing games
    • Download will be canceled on exiting the Downloader
    • After downloading, now only one messagebox appears

    New Feature:
    • Win a prize! -> Sometimes there are some prizes to win over the Reporter...

    What Features are included?
    • Manage your games
    • Easily copy games to other HDDs
    • Format a HDD to FAT32 (over 32GB)
    • Browse your PS3 with the FTP Browser
    • Sign Packages
    • Get some Game Patches like GT5 for 3.41 users
    • Save the game-folders path
    • Easy select your HDD for games on the menu

    Changelogs: V1.0 -> V1.1
    • Report Bugs, broken Links or Feedback
    • New management system
    • No folder will be asked at starting
    • You can browse now your games folder
    • You get asked to save the selected games folder
    • Fixed Open Folder Bug
    • Downloader now in english
    • Better games detection
    • No admin rights required
    • FTP-Browser disabled for security reasons, will be available on next release with FTP-Tools!
    • "Get more [...]" added (Get more patches, hex files ...)

    V1.0 -> V1.0.1 (2)
    • New management system
    • No folder will be asked at starting
    • You can browse now your games folder
    • You get asked to save the selected games folder
    • (2) Fixed Open Folder Bug

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    StealthMode Guest
    Awesome! This will be a nice improvement.

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    albertcolo Guest
    I already tried it, but when i get to connect the pc with ps3, the interface asks me for user and password.

    What should I type in ?

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    Apr 2005
    I added them to the first post now, they are:

    Default username: root
    Default password: openbox

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    enohand Guest
    Some suggestions:

    Show current IP
    some type of indication on the ps3 when somthing connects...(light, text)
    some type of screen saver

    overall so far i'm liking it. i'm gonna take a look at your source if you allow.

    not gettin a option to input credentials, just give me a error: The remote server returned a error: (430) 430 Invalid User name or password

    with 1.1 win 7, x32 but forgot to mention this is trying FTP from multi-tools.

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    cryptr Guest
    I have no real idea on how the coding in PS3 works but is it possible to perhaps make it run in the background?

    So you can just fire up your FTP then go back to watching pictures, listening to music and so on?

    Else good work, handles NCFTP very well.

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    ps3rossi Guest
    i currently use blackbox + flashfxp wit the ps3 and avg around 25MB/s over gbit ethernet.

    would i get any faster speeds with this? or is the 25MB/s near the limit?

  8. #8
    tonybologna Guest
    Where's the reports of speeds with this application? I see no reason to change from PS3 FTP Server if speeds aren't any better. Thanks!

  9. #9
    fastphil160 Guest
    works with filezilla were blackbox would fail good so far

  10. #10
    IHM Guest
    What's with the stupid username and pass, how do we change it?

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