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Thread: OpenPS3FTP v1.1 Arrives, an Open Source PS3 FTP Server App

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    richdotward Guest
    Not quite sure what problem this is supposed to fix.

    Surely if you wanted to split wouldn't you use a pc app and then plug hd into the pc? Much faster. Took me 45 minutes to transfer uncharted via ftp, would of been much faster to usb hd.


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    OpenPS3FTP v3.1 PS3Mod Beta 1 PS3 FTP App By Alexander Out

    Following up on the previous releases, today Italian PlayStation 3 developer Alexander has released OpenPS3FTP 3.1 Unofficial PS3Mod Beta 1 with additional revisions from jjolano and details below.

    Download: OpenPS3FTP v3.1 PS3Mod Beta 1 / OpenPS3FTP v3.0 RC4 / OpenPS3FTP (Latest) / GIT

    To quote, roughly translated: CHANGELOG OPENPS3FTP 3.1 (OPS3PS3FT31.pkg)
    • Fixed data connections
    • Removed unnecessary checks.
    • Use O2 instead
    • Compatible with 4.46 LDZ FERROX/HABIB
    • Improved Speed Transfer
    • Fixed minor bug cfw 4.46

    (may still have some bugs, please report.)

    Update: From jjolano: OpenPS3FTP is an open source FTP server for the PlayStation 3. It supports the basic FTP commands that the typical user would need to transfer files in and out of their console. OpenPS3FTP is built using libraries from the PSL1GHT SDK (commit 534e589).


    Version 4.0b
    • Implemented libsysfs for improved performance.

    Version 4.0a
    • Fixed and improved a few things.

    Version 4.0

    This is what version 3.0 should have been. However, version 3.0 was written dev_blindly since I wasn't able to test it at all. Now that I'm able to make homebrews again, here's a fresh release of OpenPS3FTP!

    Hope it isn't too late.

    Would be great if PSL1GHT's libsysfs wasn't so wonky, since that will actually provide an additional performance boost over the vastly increased stability this release brings.

    Release Candidate 4:
    • Minimizing use of string streams
    • Added more information in README.txt and ChangeLog.txt
    • Fixed a few errors and potential bugs from previous release candidates
    • Shifted some code around
    • Includes DEX build

    Release Candidate 3:
    • Fixed polling events

    Release Candidate 2:
    • Fixes some issues in data connection handling.
    • Some unnecessary code removed.

    Release Candidate 1:
    • Release candidate

    [imglink=|OpenPS3FTP v3.1 PS3Mod Beta 1 PS3 FTP App By Alexander Out][/imglink]
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    JeoWay Guest
    I miss my jailbroken console. There are so many new homebrews that I want to tinker with o.O

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    compiles just fine in my ps1lght environment, just be sure you have noRSX installed in your environment & your should be fine.

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    Taufik Guest
    Until now I have not tried to use homebrews PS3FTP, and thanks to the latest version, I will try it thank you...

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    pasto666 Guest


    thx will try now

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    PsycheItsMike Guest
    Thanks, will give it a shot

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    Poppel16 Guest
    Hallo is this a signed pkg or not?

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    foritis Guest
    thanks i will try it

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