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    OpenPS3FTP v3.0

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    Following up on his previous release, this weekend PlayStation 3 developer jjolano has updated the open source PS3 FTP application to OpenPS3FTP v3.0 for CFW users.

    Download: OpenPS3FTP v3.0 (Unofficial) / OpenPS3FTP v3.0 / GIT

    The OpenPS3FTP changes are detailed below as follows:

    OpenPS3FTP Version 3.0 Changelog:
    • Complete rewrite of most functions
    • New SITE command: FLASH (dev_blind)
    • Fixed commands STRU, and MODE.
    • STAT command now returns the program's version
    • New git: git.dashhacks.com/openps3ftp

    OpenPS3FTP is an open source ftp server for the PS3. It has an implementation of most ftp commands and also supports most ftp clients. It has some compliance to the ftp RFC.

    To compile the source, you will need the PSL1GHT homebrew SDK installed on your computer. Version 1 of the SDK is required to compile versions prior to v2.2, and version 2 of the SDK is required for v2.2 and later.

    Default login details:
    • username: root
    • any password is accepted unless if the passwd file (containing the password) exists

    OpenPS3FTP v3.0 - Open PS3 FTP App Updated for CFW Users

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    MultiMAN now uses an older version of this (it's much better than what MultiMAN was using before).

    As for this v3.0, as far as I can tell it doesn't work, and it is labeled on his site as an unofficial/in-development build. The last official release is v2.3, and it works fine.

    v3.0 however (at the time of posting this) doesn't work at all for me. The icon on the XMB has no description/title beside it, and when you run the app it just crashes/kicks you back to the XMB, but the v2.3 still works fine when I went back to it.

    It's better than blackb0x's FTP by far (more stable, just as fast, ability to set your own password or none at all) but since this version is not ready, download v2.3 instead for now.

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    Best way to use a FTP program is with an ethernet cable, trying to do it with WiFi is as slow as hell (at least for me it is).

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    This is my #1 FTP server since the blackb0x one. MultiMAN FTP doesn't work for me. I've this in program in version 2.1 with no password needed and it works superb. I think this version 3.0 could be the really last build of this great and stable working program.

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    this version does not work at all

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    According to John Olano's Tweets: twitter.com/#!/jjolano
    • oftp v3 is not _officially_ released - i just compiled and uploaded the latest code lol
    • no UI in oftp v3, but the main thing should work

    So basically I'd use version 2.3 for now until a fixed/official v3 is available.

    Update: He has now posted OpenPS3FTP v3.0 for those following via: github.com/jjolano/openps3ftp/downloads

    To quote: For testing purposes only. NOT A FINAL RELEASE.

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    It's worth the wait

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    OpenPS3FTPSplit PS3 FTP Split Homebrew Application Arrives

    Following up on OpenPS3FTP, today French PlayStation 3 developer Onishin has released OpenPS3FTPSplit which allows users to split files over 4GB in size for transfers.

    Download: OpenPS3FTPSplit for PS3 / OpenPS3FTPSplit for PS3 (Mirror)

    To quote, roughly translated: Onishin, a member of our forums and developer, today gives us a nice homebrew named OpenPS3FTPsplit and is a mod source code of version 2.3 of OpenPS3FTP, the famous FTP server designed by jjolano.

    This program has a unique feature that most practical of the split files larger than 4GB on a transfer via FTP. Understand by this that if you want a transfer of these files on the internal hard drive of your console or an external hard drive (FAT32) that is connected, you simply start the copy and the software will automatically split it.

    But to avoid splits that you close all your files that you transfer, which could be annoying in the long run, it divides the files in question in each part of 4GB only if the following condition is met: the files you want to transfer must be copied to one of the following destinations (according to it, the homebrew will use the naming conventions or Cobra Multiman):

    • / dev_usbxxx / BDISO
    • / dev_usbxxx/PS3ISO
    • / dev_usbxxx / DVDISO
    • / dev_usbxxx / PSPISO
    • / dev_usbxxx/PS2ISO
    • / dev_hdd0/SPLIT/cobra

    • / dev_usbxxx /
    • / dev_hdd0/SPLIT/multiman

    OpenPS3FTPSplit PS3 FTP Split Homebrew Application Arrives

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    FTP programs seem to be the Hello World of the PS3 scene.

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    Mmm... But FTP is slow for me, I only use it when I have no other option, and only for transfer files > 4GB (no split) to the internal hdd! I can't see how this can be good, I'm missing something?


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