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Thread: OpenPS3FTP v1.1 Arrives, an Open Source PS3 FTP Server App

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    First of all, thanks for the update. Maybe he can implement "dev_blind" into this, would be cool.

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    sharks Guest
    Thanks a lot for this update. I used this a lot before using the ftp manager in Gaia. But i like to keep this one handy as i started with this app when using CFW for the first time.

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    Here is another update to OpenPS3FTP v2.1 and the changelog below:

    Download: OpenPS3FTP v2.1

    Version 2.1 - April 2, 2011 changes:
    • Code optimizations
    • Some caching improvements (better response time)
    • File transfer code rewritten
    • More RFC compliance
    • Added more FTP commands
    • Changed LIST output format to EPLF

    Another update by jjolano, OpenPS3FTP v2.1.1 download and changes as follows:

    Download: OpenPS3FTP v2.1.1

    Version 2.1.1 - April 3, 2011 changes:
    • More optimizations (improved response times)
    • Reverted LIST format to support old clients
    • Squished some bugs

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    Arrow OpenPS3FTP v2.2

    Today PlayStation 3 hacker jjolano has updated the open-source PS3 FTP homebrew application to OpenPS3FTP version 2.2 for both PS3 Custom Firmware and JailBreak users.

    Download: OpenPS3FTP v2.2 for PS3 / Repo

    To quote: OpenPS3FTP is a tiny ftp server.

    Tested on PS3 firmware 3.55, but should work for any firmware.

    OpenPS3FTP Features:
    • Transfer resuming
    • Multiple connections
    • CHMOD (file permission setting)
    • Almost all FTP commands are supported
    • Password setting

    OpenPS3FTP Updates:

    1.1 - stability, performance, and bugfix
    1.2 - passive mode bugfix and other stuff
    1.4 - The finale
    1.5 - Encore
    2.0 - fresh start - as of version 2.0, OpenPS3FTP is located under Network.
    2.1 - minor improvements
    2.1.1 - more improvements and major fix
    2.2 - rewrite for psl1ght v2 + fixes - as of version 2.2, any password is accepted by default.

    [imglink=|OpenPS3FTP v2.2 for Custom PS3 Firmware is Released][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    So - quick question for those in the know - are there any (major) benefits of using this comparing to FTP built in lets say MultiMAN?

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    Lviv73 Guest
    Can you tell where is the built in ftp in multiman?

    I been looking for it for almost an hour and gave up, lol. Thanks in advance.

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    Virii2012 Guest
    The FTP built into MultiMan is running in the background from the moment you start it up. Just find your ps3s IP # and connect on the default FTP port (21) using an anonymous login.

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    SwordOfWar Guest
    Is this any better than the one included in MultiMan? Is MultiMan's FTP server based on the work of any other FTP server available or is it an original work by dean?

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Does this made FTPing any faster?

    It's usually slow for me using MultiMANs FTP.

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    OpenPS3FTP v2.3

    OpenPS3FTP v2.3 is now available from jjolano with the changes detailed below.

    Download: OpenPS3FTP v2.3

    OpenPS3FTP Version 2.3 Changelog:
    • Fixed some minor issues in the client code
    • Socket handling improvements
    • Fixed an epic fail in the client code
    • Perfected the UNIX-style LIST output
    • Improved passive mode function
    • Added an experimental queue system to prevent some io crashes
    • Stability improvements

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