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Thread: OpenPS3FTP v1.1 Arrives, an Open Source PS3 FTP Server App

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    daveshooter Guest
    No1 I never said I was trying to fill that gap in your pipe, you said it was down to slow hard drives.
    Quote Originally Posted by barrybarryk View Post
    Even with a 30cm cat6 crossover cable direct from the PS3 to the PC you'll never get close to 800Mbit/s (100MB/s) you'll tap out in around the 25MB/s (200Mbit/s) mark, maybe a little higher maybe a little lower, normal hard drives just dont work that fast, and the ps3's is particularly slow no matter what type of drive you have inside it.
    So I am saying your wrong, and its getting boring now.were are you getting 25MB/s max from, thats slow as fooook and, and please don't tell me I am not getting 63MB/s, on my setup or tell me that, you can not get the speeds I'm saying when I have done this many a time. 63MB/s is 504Mbps, which is actually 1/2 the size to fit in that Pipe on my PS3 1000 base T network card.

    Generally 60-70MB/s is what you get on Gbit normally , and I have done for a year or two now, since I had the kit to make the loads and so on.

    Barry M8 it's you that don't get it!!!

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    barrybarryk Guest
    I said around the 25MB mark because thats about normal, if you get more go you. but i've given up trying to explain hard drive speeds to you. you just carry on thinking your hard drive runs at 3Gb/s and its the gigabit ethernet that's the bottleneck lol

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    daveshooter Guest
    No I don't think my drive runs at 3.0Gb/s, thats what it says on the drive, nor did I say it did, its 2.4 Gb/s like I posted before,And m8 LOL you have nothing to explain to me, I can see in all your posts you've made in the last two months, you have nothing to offer. And now your saying.

    "I said around the 25MB mark because thats about normal". Ow so you didn't know this from your own test then? Its the norm you say, well it's not the norm, then you say its the Ethernet thats the bottleneck, so what is it? the drives. the network, or the PS3, or just the norm? Come on please explain to me which one is it now? End Of!

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    barrybarryk Guest
    ok so you're saying, just to be 100% clear, your WD caviar blue hard disk is either reading or writing at 2.4Gb/s (or 300MB/s).

    That's pretty funny

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    daveshooter Guest
    HA ha you're trying, as you know i never said that. For the last time! 63MB/s. pisses all over your speeds. lol. gutted.

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    Maihkyz Guest
    do i install both pkg's ? i got a ps3 with 3.41 with a ps3key 4.5 -- so it shows 3.55 FW in system, i need a ftp to acces my ps3, this will work or not?

    nvm got it all fixed and running works good -- but singstar doesnt start, just a black screen when i mount it - and then load. wtf.

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    OpenPS3FTP v1.3

    Previously the 1.3 Dev version was posted, and here is the official OpenPS3FTP v1.3 with changes as follows:

    Version 1.3 - February 15, 2011:
    • New command parser
    • New readme format
    • Prints a warning message if dev_blind is mounted
    • Fixed a bunch of bugs
    • Much more stable compared to previous versions
    • Much better performance compared to previous versions
    • On-screen text is coloured green instead of white
    • File transfers are more reliable
    • Exit to XMB function is more reliable
    • Removed "Press X to quit", use XMB Quit Game
    • Corrected and added some FTP return codes
    • Local IP address of the PS3 now displays on-screen
    • Added password change command (PASSWD <newpassword>)
    • Added force exit command (EXITAPP)
    • Greatly optimized code
    • Removed pointless/useless code
    • Simplified most functions
    • - CHMOD function now works properly
    • - File permissions now show correctly in directory listings
    • - Now licensed under the GPL
    • - Support for MLSD, MLST, and NLST commands

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    OpenPS3FTP v1.4

    Another update to OpenPS3FTP v1.4 with the changelog below:

    Version 1.4 - February 26, 2011:
    • Added more return codes
    • Another new command parser (even better)
    • Moved IP retrieval function to its own thread (no more hanging; method still requires internet)
    • Now detects all known dev_flash writable mount points
    • Rewrote/reengineered alot of functions
    • Added a little more user-friendly information on the screen
    • Moved PASSWD and EXITAPP commands under SITE-specific commands (see SITE HELP)
    • Changed LIST format to somewhat match "ls -a -l"
    • Greatly shortened code
    • Improved performance and stability
    • Fixed some bugs
    • More FTP client compatibility

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    OpenPS3FTP v1.5

    OpenPS3FTP v1.5 is now released with source code here:

    Version 1.5 - March 4, 2011 - Changes include:
    • Improved performance and stability
    • In-game XMB performance increased
    • Better syscall usage
    • Fixed a possible memory leak
    • Fixed a couple of bugs
    • Added support for commands: MDTM, ABOR
    • nopass: now does normal login procedure (to ensure compatibility) but ignores password value
    • Added new file for developers (creates nopass and normal versions)

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    OpenPS3FTP v2.0

    Today jjolano has updated his open-source PS3 homebrew FTP application to OpenPS3FTP v2.0 with the changes detailed below.

    Download: OpenPS3FTP v2.0 / GIT

    From the included Version 2.0 - March 23, 2011 changelog, to quote:
    • Changed ICON0.PNG
    • Moved to a different XMB category (now under Network)
    • Fixed another possible memory leak
    • Added "dev_dragon" to mount detection and warning list
    • Changed LIST command output format (again)
    • Added new algorithms and methods
    • Should support Remote Play (untested)
    • Added a better way to get the IP (no internet required anymore - thanks andoma)
    • Added /app_home and /host_root to listing exceptions as they cause problems
    • Now uses Hermes' sysfs sprx link instead of lv2 syscalls
    • Tweaks made to improve internal performance, stability, and reliability
    • Added a "screen saver" (simply blanks screen after 60 sec of no controller input)
    • Added an exit application button combination shortcut (SELECT + START)
    • Added an internal "retry system" designed to reduce failed transfers for small files
    • New git for v2.0 and later:

    General Usage Tutorial : Just a small tutorial on the basics.

    • Custom Firmware (tested on 3.55, but should work for all)
    • A network connection

    • Extract the pkg files from the archive and copy them into a USB drive
    • Connect the USB drive to your console and select the pkg file under the "Install Package Files" menu (found under Game)

      Note: The pkg file that you select should correspond to the custom firmware you are using. For example: if you have installed geohot's 3.55 jailbreak, use the file "openps3ftp.geohot.pkg". If not, use "openps3ftp.pkg". Users of CFW 3.55 kmeaw can use any pkg.
    • OpenPS3FTP is now installed!

    • Launch OpenPS3FTP (found under Network)
    • Wait until you see text on the screen.
    • Connect to your console using an FTP client (such as FileZilla) with the IP address and port shown on the screen with user root and password openbox.
    • Now that you're connected, you can browse through and manipulate files on your console as if it were a folder on your computer.

    [imglink=|OpenPS3FTP v2.0 - Open PS3 FTP App Updated for CFW Users][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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