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Thread: Open Remote Play (ORP) v1.2 BETA is Now Available!

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    Smile Open Remote Play (ORP) v1.2 BETA is Now Available!

    Open Remote Play (ORP) by Dashhacker and now lethalwp has been updated once again to version 1.2 today.

    Last week we saw the first Windows version, and today's changelog includes the following:

    Download: Open Remote Play (ORP) v1.2 BETA (Windows) / Open Remote Play (ORP) v1.2 BETA (Mac OS X) / Open Remote Play (ORP) v1.2 BETA SRC

    Open Remote Play (ORP) v1.2:

    - Fixed Edit profile page height under Windows. Save, Delete, and Cancel buttons are now visible.
    - Mouse motion events are now sent only while holding the ALT key down from within full-screen mode.
    - Vastly improved full-screen mode. Scales video to desktop resolution, much faster and now works as expected under Windows.
    - Added proper padding for audio/video packets. This fixes the random read access violation crashes under Windows.
    - Switched to AVPacket structures in preparation for implementing proper audio/video synchronization (PTS/DTS).
    - Added PS3 'chime' sample which plays when a connection has been established.
    - Fixed missing windows icon.
    - Added support for left and right analog sticks.
    - Added support for all SIXAXIS/DS3 buttons.
    - Added mouse support.
    - Added SELECT (F3) and START (F4) keyboard mappings.
    - Fixed CTRL-key issues, thanks to lethalwp for the patch.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    gtxboyracer Guest


    Awesome news.. i just hope this version fixes the stability in XP (w/ SP3)..

    Cheers for the update.

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    No prob! I added the 1.2 source code attached to the first post as well and below is a FAQ from the SVN Wiki on how to connect to a PlayStation 3 from the Internet (work, school, cafe, etc.)



    First ensure that you've enable port-forwarding for TCP and UDP 9293 to the internal IP address of your PlayStation 3. The easiest way is to enable UPnP on your firewall, then the PS3 can configure that part for you.

    Since Open Remote Play version 1.1, when game launching was added, you can no longer establish an external connection by simply port-forwarding TCP 9293 to your PlayStation 3. The UDP portion of the protocol uses UDP 9293 and should be easy to forward. However the problem is that Sony designed the protocol so that external connections come in via the PSN. So what they've done is set the TTL of the PlayStation 3 UDP reply packets to 1. This means that the replies will never make it back to you across the Internet as they can not cross more than one router/gateway before being discarded.


    There are three solutions and unfortunately, none of them are that easy. Listed below in order of difficulty, from least to most difficult:
    • Set-up a VPN between your laptop/office and home.
      I won't go in to detail, you can find many guides and software on-line about this.

    • For those who are running more advanced firewall/gateways, there is a simple solution.

      Increase the UDP packet's TTL. The example I'll give here is specific to IPtables, but can be easily translated to other firewall types. Your firewall requires the TTL module. If you use OpenWRT, you'll need to install the iptables-extra package first. Load the module if it's not already loaded:
      # insmod ipt_TTL
      In the example rule below, is the internal IP address of the PlayStation 3.
      # iptables -t mangle -I PREROUTING -p udp -s --sport 9293 -j TTL --ttl-set 60
      Completely reverse-engineer the external connection portion of the Remote Play protocol.

      I may get around to this at some point. I've already looked at it a little, and it's fairly complicated. At the moment, I have more important things on the TODO list to complete first. If someone else out there wants to take a stab at it...

    • I know I said there were only three solutions, but here is another. It's not a real solution because it means that game launching will not work across the Internet.

      Add a check-box to the profile edit page for external connections which would disable the UDP portion of the protocol and connect directly to TCP 9293. This would at least allow access to the XMB.

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    jake112493 Guest
    what does this do exactly?

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    lilshortwun Guest
    It allows you to access your PS3 through your Windows.

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    Limp5560 Guest
    What other cool things could i do with this program on my ps3?

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    relfie Guest
    very nice program. great job!

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    jake112493 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by lilshortwun View Post
    It allows you to access your PS3 through your Windows.
    but what can you actually do, just view things from your ps3 on the computer?

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    internetfloozy Guest
    Is there coding being done to bring this to other platforms like cell phones etc like mentioned before or is this base program going to be perfected before moving on... maybe after it comes outta beta?

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    limpobisk8 Guest
    Thanks guys,

    Keep doing great work.. it works like a charm

    maybe one day it will possible to play to remote

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