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Thread: Open Remote Play (ORP) v1.2 BETA is Now Available!

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    wicked insanity Guest
    Yeah tested and works, still limited functionality but it's a big start.
    I would love to see this expanded to formats like iPhone or 360??

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    To anyone having no luck connecting from Internet: You need to set-up your network gateway/firewall to port forward TCP and UDP 9293 to the internal IP address of your PlayStation 3. See the following link for details on how to establish an external connection:

    Here are the tentative features planned for the next update:

    Open Remote Play v1.3
    • Fixed the annoying MacOSX input lag.
    • Added "virtual keyboard" mode. Thanks to MohammadAG for the idea!
    • Added Wake-on-LAN (WoL) support. You can now turn on your PS3 remotely.
    • Added keys to toggle through three bit-rates: 384k, 768k, and 1024k
    • Added "Disable UDP Search" check-box and configuration option for external connections where the TTL can not be changed at the gateway/firewall. This will also disable game launching.
    • Added preliminary a/v sync. Video is now synchronized with the audio clock.

    It doesn't appear that it will be released this week though and when he does it appears Windows users are considered low-priority sadly, to quote:
    The next release, v1.3, which won’t come for a while... will introduce stream buffering and audio/video sync. That will fix the two major problems you listed. This is the single-most important issue to resolve and coincidentally the most complicated component to implement.

    Since this is open software, I have very little motivation to spend a lot of time working on the Windows version.

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    Avanaboy Guest
    Is possible to use this offline ? using wifi ?

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    Not sure if it will help, but for those giving this a try here is a new Windows video guide on Open Remote Play.

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    shiggitysly Guest
    any chance of open remote play supporting playing all ps3 games?

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    KiNgKH Guest
    Awesome news.. great program, but i dont have PSP

    i hope working with my friend

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    For anyone having issues with ORP after updating to PS3 Firmware 2.8 here is a temporary fix until Dashhacker updates the app again, to quote:

    Sony has changed Remote Play as of 2.80 to require the client's MAC address to match that of the registered PSP's MAC address. We're still working on a proper solution for this, but in the mean-time you can spoof your PSP's MAC address to get local connections working again.

    In Linux, this would look something like (change aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff to your PSP's MAC address):
    # ifconfig wlan0 hw ether aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff
    For OSX, this works similar:
    # sudo ifconfig en0 lladdr aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff
    The above doesn't work with the AirPort (interface en1); so you gotta be wired.

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    tellitube Guest

    what does this do

    what exactly does this do sorry for being noob =.=, and does this work on any model for the ps3? i dont really read things on ps3, i read more on ds, psp, wii and ps2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tellitube View Post
    what exactly does this do sorry for being noob
    Yea, it really is best to read before posting here... but to answer: Open Remote Play is a cross-platform API and player which enables PlayStation 3 owners remote access from their laptop or phones.

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    bulletproof Guest
    Can't seem to get this to work. I updated to the new firmware... is that maybe the problem?

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