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    Quote Originally Posted by Whateverwhateve View Post
    I am sure I and many others are hoping for a 3.15 version with this news.
    Yep, I'm still on 3.15 because of OtherOS..
    Quote Originally Posted by hacked2123 View Post
    3.41 "OtherOS" will be gifted upon us in time. Linux is inevitable
    Well, OtherOS is propably just 'disabled' so enabling it shouldn't be that hard (according to *kuch* Geohotz *kuch*), then someone has to write a driver which will use the RSX (also don't expect any real acceleration in Linux itself compared to the old OtherOS, but expect games to have more control)..

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    Hello, I will notice that the Open Pstore now called Free Pstore. Finally, we don't change the name.

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    Is this out yet to install to the ps3?

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    Cydia for ps3 Happy days!!

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