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Thread: Open Manager v2.1D and Open Copy Install v1.0 for PS3 Arrive

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    tjay17 Guest


    Why is there a new version of this almost daily?

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    akodinito Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by tjay17 View Post
    Why is there a new version of this almost daily?
    because the ps3 jailbreak scene is just a few months old. anything new they find are incorporated and any bugs and errors found are eliminated from the applications they are developing.

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    Apr 2005


    Here is another OM 2.1 update:
    REV H-5 Changes

    - Next and previous Caratula to use duplex 3D

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    harveychan Guest
    THIS IS THE ONLY MANAGER that i can get lucha libre to work with. 2.1H5 works great. i would like to see scroll with d-pad left and right to go throught the list faster.

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    orkocattivo Guest
    Me too.. I don't understand why this fast-move with r/l arrows has been removed.

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    akodinito Guest
    Can somebody please teach me how to do the installation of game data to an external hdd? I tried saving the game in every directory possible (\LAUN12345, devhdd0\GAMEZ, and devhdd0\OMAN46756\GAMEZ) and it still says unsupported payload whenever I press Select.

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    MannyMania Guest
    Hi all, what's the reason for the 2 directory types. OMAN01234 and OMAN46756?


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    Brenza Guest
    I've a little question about the function that allow to copy games from the internal hdd to the external and vice versa...

    The ftpserver allow to copy from the internal hdd files > 4GB to the ext fat32 hdd, can i do it wih open manager?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MannyMania View Post
    Hi all, what's the reason for the 2 directory types. OMAN01234 and OMAN46756?
    I replied on this here:

    It was also updated today to OM v2.1I, changes below with files and sourcecode included.
    Changes REV I:

    - Allows PNG tramsparencias
    - Messages to install themes / LYRICS
    - Added search paths COVERS3D/SIMPLE 3D and 3D caratulas sided COVERS3D/DOUBLE
    - Now if you do not see album art on the external drive, the online search (Command-Left for the selected L2, L2 Der for the whole list)
    - The command to watch disk space it occupies in the game, now shows the ID-GAME
    - You can now specify in the subject, if not find the cover that shows the game icon
    - Left L1, just install issues, separating the front panel to search for Left L2
    - Can be used for title page Previous / Next to be caratulas duplex 3D or 3D
    - Ability to use text templates, thus we can customize the background image
    - You can hide text information to be in locked mode, as you can hide the disk size being in locked mode or not.
    - Added Portuguese language to the original topic
    - The covers server configuration is stored in the options.ini where OM is installed, you can switch to other urls, does not operate the urls which has by default.

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    zzk2001 Guest
    I am sure you have gotten this question before and i am sorry for repeating it BUT... How do i copy my PS3 game to HDD?

    When i place the game "Eye Of Judgment" into the PS3 and load Open Manager v2.1I and select the game it's grayed out and says bdvd 0.000GB and i press copy but does not do anything. I have tried Open Copy Install 1.1c.pkg as well thinking that's how to copy the games to HDD but i get the same thing "bdvd 0.000GB and i press copy but does not do anything."

    Edit: WOW.. sorry been up too long HAHAHA.. i was pushing the wrong button, DAMN SDtv and not able to see things

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