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    Apr 2010
    Does this work with other payloads than hermes v4 like pl3?

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    now you can renew the headline of this post to OM 2.1G and OC 1.1B
    REV G changes:

    - Added two new languages, Polish and German
    - Added support for games that require firmware higher than 3.01 for Fw3.01 users, such as Mafia 2 (external disk backup)
    - Added hide buttons, leaving only the X button, On / Off by combining Arrow Right + START (the settings are saved)
    - Changed combination of R1 + Start + Left Arrow START, it is recalled, which is a temporary change in pursuit of internal disk games, to go back to the folder defined during the first run of the program.
    - Fixed bug in the Rev F, caused by the payload v1, which enabled after L1, was not allowed to recognize the version of the system and wanted to patch to version 00.0000 param
    - Now we can select the root folder GAMEZ internal hard disk, we need to not ignore, to see that we ask for: / dev_hdd0/GAMEZ
    - Now when we as Homebrew (R2), refresh the list of games from the internal disk, if we play some FTP, to refresh.
    - Added in the background version of OM, as the background image by selecting the icon on the XMB.

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    how do you update open manager from an older version to a new one? do you have to delete the old version then install the new or can you just install the new version?

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    Quote Originally Posted by daydreamer33 View Post
    now you can renew the headline of this post to OM 2.1G and OC 1.1B
    Updated the first post with it now and +Rep daydreamer33!

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    Just wondering where I would find a tutorial on using Open Manager 2.1G? Like stating the questions "Do you wish to install game LANU1234 or OMAN12345? Sorry if I have missed it somewhere on the fourm.


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    tested ps3 unzip / unrar the OM2.1G.rar file you will find some *.txt with instructions like english, german etc.

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    does it work on ps3 v3.50?

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    Quote Originally Posted by greenoli View Post
    does it work on ps3 v3.50?
    Firmware 3.41 or lower on a Jail Broken PS3 only.

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    I only have an 80gb internal hdd on my ps3 and I would like to have the game install data on my 320 gb external hdd. However when pressing Select for games in my external hdd it says "unsupported payload" and for games in my internal hdd it says "only external disk games".

    I have a phat PS3 using an iPod touch 1G jailbroken with the latest PL3. OM2.1g and OCI1.1b installed.

    Is there anything wrong with my setup or what I am doing?

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    Hi there,

    How can I have a polish version of this Gaia Open Manager? I just installed Giaia "G" version and it is in English? How can I change into polish? best regards!

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