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  1. #21
    bl0wme Guest
    hey does this work with no disc in drive?

  2. #22
    dentnu Guest

    Thanks for the +rep

    Quick Question does it matter what I input for Content ID. Like could I put there what ever I want or do I have to put what the payload says like for example

    for the open manger the content ID is


    can I input what ever I want in the ps3 package gui Content ID slot or does it have to be



    P.S. Also what would be the fastest way to find out what Content ID for a already complied package. How could I find that out what program do I use ?

  3. #23
    Lush78 Guest


    hopefully someone will fix game compatibility that is due to psgroove payload... problem game originals behave the same way when in jailbreak mode.... therefore this is a payload problem, not a backup manager problem...

  4. #24
    solrac1974 Guest
    Great app, soon enough more versions will come with improvements, open source is the way to go!

  5. #25
    Pcsx2006 Guest
    The guys over Elotrolado certainly knows how to code great stuff thanks sk group and +rep

  6. #26
    Deviouz Guest

    Great work guys, Just what we all needed!!

  7. #27
    evilsperm Guest
    dentu: you can change the content ID to anything you want but make sure you change it in the openmanager.conf and also make sure the param.sfo matches up, but either way you can change it

    I am working on trying to get audio when you have the backup manager selected, its not a necessity but I like having some audio when selecting apps

    I am gonna test it with some SND0.AT3 I have found for some psp stuff to see if that works.

  8. #28
    Yngwiedis Guest
    I want to change the first USB device to be displayed as usb1 and not usb0.

    Then the next USB device will be usb2 and not usb1 etc...

    Can someone tell me what i need to change in the graphics.cpp file ?

  9. #29
    tjay17 Guest
    To use this do you need a different hex on your board or is the original one working with this?

  10. #30
    zaror1992 Guest
    the original hex works just fine.

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