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    costocart Guest

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    Quote Originally Posted by LioMajor View Post
    No, Open Manager has its own directory.

    FYI, if you store files in a program installed in the menu and use the delete function, it will count the used space before confirmation, if you press yes for delete, it will delete the used folder and ALL subdirectorys > games gone if they used the apps directory
    Thanks for the clarification . Now I found a purpose for the NZhawk manager.

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    farenheit Guest
    The interface looks suspiciously like the dms hdd loader/hd advance etc for the ps2

    I wonder if the anonymous submitter has any links to psjailbreak...

    Theres no other way for them to release their updates, esp with you know who breathing down their neck...

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    fonzi09 Guest
    I'm trying to get the Open Manager to install to a different directory than the games, I deleted the original Backup Manager a while back and all my backups went with it! I've currently got the games installed to /game/DATA90027, and the BM installed to NPEA90027.

    I've noticed the OBM uses an entry->d_name reference, clearly to reference the active directory (in my case this would be /game/NPEA90027/GDATA)? I don't have time to test it atm, however I feel a search/replace on entry->d_name wouldn't work as its used else where through the program.

    What's the easiest way to change this reference to a user specific one?



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    pasky Guest
    I get a black screen when trying to run this on a test machine, hopefully someone makes it compatible with a debug unit in the future.

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    fonzi09 Guest
    Threw this together, can't test it yet. Bit of a bodge job but can't see why it wouldn't work...

    [Register or Login to view code]

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    deank Guest
    I added some modifications to the OBM, so it is possible to launch some games without a disc in the blu-ray drive. It prompts you if you want to launch directly, without going to XMB. Of course not all games work that way.

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    twilightparadox Guest
    I need a guide to compile open source backup manager I have windows 7 with ps3 sdk 1.92 and ubuntu 10.04

    I don't want the compiled version, I want to fill mine.

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    fonzi09 Guest
    OR... if you fancy a shortcut, you could just change this

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Looks like it should jump straight to the homebrew folder check now. Will test later/add the option of changing the directory to anywhere from within the program.


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    caravela Guest
    it should ask you where you want to store the games, at least that is what i see in the code

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    fonzi09 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by caravela View Post
    it should ask you where you want to store the games, at least that is what i see in the code
    This still references entry->d_name, I presume this is the current directory. In my case, NPEA90027, not DATA90027.


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