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    Okapu PS3 Game Xplorer v1.4.0 Homebrew App for Linux Arrives

    Similar to PS3 Game List Manager, Spanish PlayStation 3 homebrew developer dreamsder of DemonHades has released Okapu PS3 Game Xplorer v1.4.0 for Linux users.

    Download: Okapu PS3 Game Xplorer v1.4.0 for Linux / Okapu PS3 Game Okapu v1.0.0 for Linux

    To quote, roughly translated: Hi, how are demons?

    Seeing that in linux there are not many alternatives for managing our games, make a small application to list the backups we have external disk, or x folder on the PC disk. Works only on Linux, and should have the Qt libraries installed.

    Version 1.4.0:

    • Added a button to delete a backup, after confirmation.
    • Added information of all backups.
    • Added the ability to load backups from any directory.
    • Remembers the last directory Okapu charged for the next time you attempt to load backups.

    Version 1.0.0:

    In this first version, in identification of the folder where the backups are housed, and load them from there. Also by double clicking on a game opens with nautilus (nautilus must be installed on the computer) the home directory backup. It also calculates the size of a selected backup.

    Please note:
    • Only works if they are in a directory bakups GAMEZ, GAMES, gamez or games.
    • The backup directory (example BLES09098) can not have spaces in the name: BLES09 87 - Mortal Kombat this backup will not work ---->> BLES0987-Mortalkombat ----->> this backup would work.

    I leave and unloading catches, greetings.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Saw this some days ago, but forgot to submit it here, hehe...

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    Yup, I don't follow the non-English PS3 news sites as frequently myself either... usually just check them every few days or so.

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