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    CptJack Guest

    Oblivion modding through HD dump?

    Ok after reading a few things I have this idea on how to modify the Oblivion GOTY version for the PS3 via a hd dump and transfer to the pc.

    I was curious as to if anyone has tried this yet or not, and if so if they had any success or not?

    I'm going to use the PS3 Sak and the PS3 Otheros programs to attempt this.

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    astimodeus Guest
    I doubt that this could be possible

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    tilla Guest
    I'm certain it will check for unsigned code when the game starts, but it is worth a try - the worst that'll happen is losing your save files an disk cache for that game.

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    CoreTX Guest
    How are you planning to read and digest the disk cache ?

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    photoleecher Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by admnt View Post
    Game modding is not going to work unless the game designer built it in (like UT3) beacuse of the encryption and signatures everywhere
    I doubt developers sign all their level data. What's the point? Executables are the most important part to protect.

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    binaries Guest
    did it work or you didnt try it yet?

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    Indietendo Guest
    there's still no chance of it working. If you want to mod oblivion, then get a hold of the pc version. Some of the mods are downright amusing. Especially the nudity ones. It's kinda creepy knowing some random guy spent so much time making a bunch of naked skins actually look more real than the normal models in the game.

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    ironstealth Guest
    lol, just imagine oblivion being pulled off the shelves for nudity! Did someone say "hot coffee"? LMAO!

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    bernd111 Guest
    With the availability of the jailbreaks, hdd dumps and ftp servers it should be possible by now to add mods to the default ps3 oblivion game, or even to fallout (same engine)

    There are a tons of new features available through mods and event total conversions like "Nehrim" that could result in a complete new game for the ps3!

    As I'm currently not able to reach my ps3 before sunday I've searched for the file structure of obilivion in some torrents and it looks exactly like the ps version (regarding the "data" directory)

    So maybe it's not too far fetched to think modding can be a possible.


    [Register or Login to view code]

    I'll try it out when I'm back home with some light modding like texture changes. Would be cool to mod oblivion with one of the total conversions

    Maybe someone with fallout could try it out too!

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    Abigoriktus Guest
    Soo... Anyone tried this yet?

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