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    Luckluka Guest

    nXMB: Patch Dev Flash for PS1/PS2 Games in PS3 JailBreak Mode

    Today I share with everyone what I call nXMB, it allows you to patch Dev_Flash for PS1 games and PS2 games if your PS3 is backwards-compatible (has 4 USB ports) in PS3 JailBreak Mode!

    Download: nXMB Dev_Flash Patch for PS3

    What is nXMB?

    nXMB is a tool that patches your dev_flash to play PS1 Games (PS2 games also work if you have a bc-console) in JB Mode.

    How to use nXMB? And What are its requirements?


    - PS3 that is JailBroken
    - DEV_FLASH from your PS3
    - JaiCraB's Firm Loader v0.3

    Step 1: Connect via FTP and get your dev_flash
    Step 2: Move your dev_flash and the nXMB into a new folder (NOT THE CONTENTS, BUT THE DEV_FLASH ITSELF).
    Step 3: Open nXMB and let it patch your dev_flash
    Step 4: Copy the contents of that dev_flash to your USB Flash Disk
    Step 5: Launch USB Firm Loader

    The PS3 will mount your USB flash disk as dev_flash

    You will NOT see "Install Package Files" but instead of that you will be able to boot PS1/PS2 games and you will have access to your memory cards!

    If you wish to view my old thread that led to this app it is located HERE. Currently trying to make 'Install Package Files' also appear in nXMB!

    Have Fun!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Very nice job Luckluka and +Rep!!

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    Luckluka Guest
    Thanks Boss.

    0.2 Coming tommorow! Bringing Incredible Features like more debug settings and stuff!

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    youareoffidiot Guest
    It's mean we can make backup PS1 and PS2 games and play them in BM!?or OM!?

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    Luckluka Guest
    Not Yet!

    I am working on it though! The LegacyBM that i am now coding!

    This for now allows you to play ORIGINAL PS1/PS2 Games in Jailbreak mode

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    dialtone187 Guest
    OMFG i hope i read this right! I've already had one let down with getting ahead of myself with the retail pkg loader. Hope this does let me run ps1/2 backups on my bc compatible ps3!

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    Luckluka Guest
    This DOESNT allow playing ps1/2 backups YET!

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    Maniac2k Guest


    Which files are modified by your tool?

    Maybe it's possible to store them on hdd and use the redirection features of hermes v3 to load them from there.

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    jonxs1976 Guest
    This is showing as a "Trojan horse Dropper.Generic2.AIBB" on my pc

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    bsensed Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Luckluka View Post
    Not Yet!

    I am working on it though! The LegacyBM that i am now coding!

    This for now allows you to play ORIGINAL PS1/PS2 Games in Jailbreak mode
    Nice job

    But for now nothing changed for my fat bc ps3, right?
    Cause obviously it already plays the original disks...

    but when backups are possible...

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