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Thread: nXMB: Patch Dev Flash for PS1/PS2 Games in PS3 JailBreak Mode

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    SaveU Guest
    Luckluka, you give hope to us all.

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    DeViL303 Guest
    Hi Luckluka, I'm curious, why you are trying so hard to hide the mods you are doing to the Dev_flash folder? Why not just release what you know so other devs can get involved too! like someone said earlier in this thread you could have just posted the modded xml file for nXMB rather than having complicated program with encryption just to modify a few lines of text? (we just compared the files anyway!)

    I think If you just released what you knew rather than adding time to development by trying to hide what you are doing it would help the scene more and you will still be the one who invented the methods.

    If you are worried about being ripped off there is no real point worrying (no money involved for one!) Fairly sure other Devs/hackers will copy and modify your work either way and you would gain more respect by being open and releasing source code like many other homebrew devs. Dont forget If sonys PS3 software can be hacked I think your FTP access block on dev_flash folder can be hacked too eventually!

    Care to post any file list/pics ?

    Keep up the good work anyway!

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    tonybologna Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Luckluka View Post
    I will post a video next week of me playing PS1 backups and otheros on slim. Expect a CFW too by that time! It will have the cex but encrypted too as .nxmb
    Great news! CFW? Are you serious?

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    Luckluka Guest
    DeViL303: Good Point. I'll think about that

    Now the update:
    You will still need the jailbreak.
    It isnt in the form of a PUP
    JaiCrab's FWLDR wont be needed since i coded one myself which is more stable
    The Peek-Poke from XMB will be delayed a little since it is a LITTLE hard

    Info on OtherOS on SLIMs:
    It was a lie that the slim has a stripped off hypervisor! I achieved otheros by just ENABLING the option using my way!

    RSX access will be enabled. Modified payload will be needed. I think ill release patch to PL3, He will add it l8r on. I recommend AVRs with 32KB Flash minimum!

    I recommend getting an ATAVRXPLAIN since it has 128KB for the AT90USB1287 it uses!

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    tonybologna Guest
    You're talking about PS1 & PS2 backups, right?

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    jackpollack Guest
    When you enable OtherOS on a slim, where is it going? Does your method require reformatting/repartitioning the HD? Or have you gotten that far? Does it require kernel patches? I'm sorry for so many questions, but i upgraded to 3.41 long ago and have been kicking myself ever since for the loss of OtherOS.

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    Luckluka Guest
    Yes PS1/PS2 Backups

    To Jackpollack: OtherOS installs like it installed on a 3.15FAT

    I will show you booting how I booted PetitBoot on my friend's slim ps3!(i got a fat one)

    It will be really easy!

    Please Follow me on twitter!


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    bitsbubba Guest
    any luck on maybe PSN access through CFW, now BC backups for fat only (PS2 anyway)?

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    tonybologna Guest
    So, you're not releasing this exploit until after Christmas? I thought I read that from a previous post of yours. Maybe I'm wrong!

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    worstenbroodje Guest
    does the cfw boot off a flashdrive or is it on the internal hdd?

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