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Thread: nXMB: Patch Dev Flash for PS1/PS2 Games in PS3 JailBreak Mode

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    Red 13 Guest
    Why all this fuss with a "patch installer", when you could just upload the modifyed dev_flash\vsh\resource\explore\xmb\ category_game_tool2.xml ?

    I am not able to run the nXMb in W7 x64. Can someone that have been able to apply the "patch", upload the dev_flash\vsh\resource\explore\xmb\ category_game_tool2.xml file?

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    Firmware150 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Luckluka View Post
    Upload the smallest one. Activation files would help too!
    Wait a minute activation files? Wouldn't that allow the games to be installed onto any PS3 without the need for activation via PSN?

    Could this be a case of older PSN games having less security than the newer ones?

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    AliAsghar1361 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by AliAsghar1361 View Post
    i have a little problem by nXMB i put folder Dev_flash and nxmb.exe in "new folder" now after Run Show Me Error "FATAL ERROR" why ?
    I upload this file for all you

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Would some plz upload the retail dev_flash folder?

    I want to emband a USB Preparing option. So you dont have to dump your dev-flash first and can simply install all needed files on your usb device by pressing one button.

    More CFW Patches will be implemented into ACID when they are available.

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    jackpollack Guest
    Luckluka: have you tried to run a PS1 backup disc patched with xorloser's Master Backup Patcher, in conjunction with nXMB and possibly SKFU's work which enables debug-unit features?

    Since it's long been known that debug units can boot patched PS1/PS2 discs, maybe we have enough debug functionality for this method to work?

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    DeViL303 Guest
    sorry took so long, took ages to find out which folder it was in!

    Putting up Dev_flash from retail 3.15 and 3.41 now, takes a while to upload.

    forget the mediafire link, file is corrupt, this one shouls work.

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    Luckluka Guest
    jack, can you link me to xorloser's master patch thingy? I can't seem to find it on google!

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    CJPC Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Luckluka View Post
    jack, can you link me to xorloser's master patch thingy? I can't seem to find it on google!
    It's in our downloads section:

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    bitsbubba Guest


    so how is v2.0 coming along?

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    Luckluka Guest


    Hey guys! Late reply but... i got good news. I have successfully managed to run a ps1 backup. I modded the files in the ps1emu folder using the FULL 3.41 SDK

    Find the full 3.41 SDK on level 9 Private torrent tracker! (invites go over 200$ so good luck on getting an invite)

    The patch will be released before New Year! The patch will be obfuscated in an unimaginable way! DES and 3-AES.

    It will be in the form of the current nXMB. Each dev_flash will be tied to your PS3 Serial Number, PS3ID, and your OWN special license!

    After patching, the dev_flash will become in the format of .nxmb, the dev_flash will also be encrypted in an extraordinary way. And only my homebrew program will be able to decrypt it. The homebrew won't be signed as npdrm, so it will be nearly impossible to decrypt the eboot.bin
    The homebrew will RESTRICT any access to dev_flash through the ftp server!

    I also can guarantee you that otheros will be possible on 3.41>, even on slim's too! Talk about intergrating a custom hypevisor. Full Peek-Poke directly from xmb will also be available and much more!

    I will post a video next week of me playing PS1 backups and otheros on slim. Expect a CFW too by that time! It will have the cex but encrypted too as .nxmb

    Please Do NOT ask me to upload 3.41 SDK, get it from the Private torrent tracker above if you have access or wait for a more public leak of it.

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