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Thread: nXMB: Patch Dev Flash for PS1/PS2 Games in PS3 JailBreak Mode

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    Maniac2k Guest
    Just a thought about backups, what if we use syscall 36 to redirect a PSX/PS2 game folder to /dev_bdvd like we do with PS3 games?

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    Luckluka Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by jonxs1976 View Post
    This is showing as a "Trojan horse Dropper.Generic2.AIBB" on my pc
    Yes, i know that. It uses code obfuscation to prevent it being stolen by other users. Thus is shown as a TrojanHorse, it is a false positive

    Here is a virus scan...:
    Quote Originally Posted by bsensed View Post
    Nice job

    But for now nothing changed for my fat bc ps3, right?
    Cause obviously it already plays the original disks...

    but when backups are possible...
    Well, if you want to experiment in JB-Mode with ps1-ps2 games. Then this is really good.

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    chomps268 Guest
    Awww, damn my non-backwards compatible slim!

    Do you think it would ever be possible to play ps2 backups on non-bc consoles? Or should I just let that hope die off now?

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    Testo Guest
    FATAL ERROR DEV_FLASH NOT FOUND! but dev_flash is in the same file folder like nxmb.exe

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    Apr 2005


    I got the same thing when I first tried it here as I was using unpacked Dev_Flash files but then re-read his instructions that say: "NOT THE CONTENTS, BUT THE DEV_FLASH ITSELF" so perhaps that is your issue also?

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    LioMajor Guest
    nXMB.exe - Application Error
    Application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). [OK] to terminate the application please click.

    (Tested in VMWARE because of Virus warning: MSIL/Injector.AE Trojaner : NOD32)

    Also the DEV_FLASH is in the same directory as nXMB.exe.

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    Luckluka Guest
    Perfect! Some people testing it!
    Reply with your results

    Quote Originally Posted by Maniac2k View Post
    Just a thought about backups, what if we use syscall 36 to redirect a PSX/PS2 game folder to /dev_bdvd like we do with PS3 games?
    I LOVE this idea. Going to work on it! +REP

    Umm, I'm not really sure LioMajor... try upgrading to .NET Framework 3.5

    And for the last time. Its a virus because of the obfuscation methods!

    It uses UPX + AES encryption!

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    FireSokar Guest
    can anyone test this with mgs4 and the "PS1" Scene that didnt work before? It should fix it if were lucky.

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    Mantagtj Guest
    Congrats m8 and well done to you, I think this is a wicked idea and a great start for all those people wanting ps2s & ps1s again. 10/10 :-), So excited and what a great weekend we are having ! TY

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    LioMajor Guest
    Using .net framework 3.5 helped.

    The Patch does only changes to 1 file:

    dev_flash\vsh\resource\explore\xmb\category_game_t ool2.xml

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