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    Quote Originally Posted by SaveU View Post
    This is great news. On the homebrew front, I remember there being some emus (although older, mame, nes,gen etcc... ) that were playable due to exploits in earlier ps3 firmware. (version 1 etc..)

    would these emus be usable now? Or easily ported anyway?
    These emus have used BD-J functionality - they were written in Java. They are still functionaning but you need to run them from BD disc (Sony blocked running these from USB sticks/CDs/etc.)

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    nullDC Dreamcast Emulator Running on PS3

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    Here is another update, I don't want to have 15 threads for this so I will add them all to this one until a release.

    To quote from PSGroove:
    We reported last week about drk||Raziel’s serious undertaking of porting the nullDC emulator to the PS3. drk||Raziel has again exclusively informed us of his latest development.

    After many hours of debugging he has finally got the emulator running on the PS3! Currently it is just the Dreamcast BIOS running, but very impressive none the less! The BIOS still have graphical glitches, but understand this project is still very early in development.

    drk||Raziel still does not have his own hardware to develop on, and still seeks donations. He is 2/3rds of the way to his goal of buying his own PS3.

    Having his own hardware would greatly increase development speed, as currently all code must be sent off to be tested by others.
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    dcwater.jpg   dc1water.jpg   dc2water.jpg   dc3water.jpg   dc4water.jpg  

    dc5water.jpg   dc6water.jpg   nulldc4.jpg   nulldc10.jpg  

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    Quote Originally Posted by oust62139 View Post
    This will be awesome if it will work with retail PS3's with psgroove. I have a whole stack of DC games that I haven't got to play since my Dreamcast gave up on me, and I just haven't bought a new one. If it works, then I won't need to. Also I like the PS3 controller a lot better than the big clunky one for the Dreamcast.
    Also the high-def ability will be a superb bonus Itchin' to play a bit of Jet Grind Radio! It's been WAY too long!!

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    Another update:
    Video of nullDC Dreamcast Emulator Running Games on PS3

    For the last few weeks we’ve been helping drk||Raziel test and debug his nulldc emulator. We’re now pleased to exclusively bring you a video of it in action! Progress has been steady since his last update, showcasing the BIOS running.

    Games are now running and all of the graphical glitches are now gone from the BIOS! This is still a very early build of this emulator, and it will be a few more weeks before this really gets to playable form. It is currently running very slowly, (7.5 frames per second), but drk||Raziel has not even touched speed optimization yet.

    Also, many games have graphical glitches, sound is not ported yet, and most games don’t boot at all (mainly because they gripe about not having sound). However, progress is moving extremely quick on this project and it is shaping up very nicely! Below is a video of the emulator running Power Stone and Crazy Taxi and check out some pictures of it after the jump!

    Please note video has been cut in a few spots, mainly when it is loading (it took a minute) the emulator at the beginning, and when it cuts to Crazy Taxi.

    You may notice there are 2 faint black lines running horizontally through some of these pictures. These lines are not caused by the emulator. They are caused by the television set used in the demonstration, it is damaged and causing these lines.
    Below is the video, and I added it to the first post as well.

    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    nulldc1.jpg   nulldc2.jpg   nulldc3.jpg   nulldc5.jpg   nulldc6.jpg  

    nulldc7.jpg   nulldc8.jpg   nulldc9.jpg  

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    Beautiful. Cant wait.

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    This is awsome news man, great work and i can't believe they have this running that good in only a few weeks.

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    this is great, just got my blackcat today can't wait for this to be done and to play shenmue in hd glory

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    I'm not going to do a new thread yet for this as it's a small update, but here is the current status from drk||Raziel: http://drk.emudev.org/blog/?p=202
    Resuming operations !

    Just a quick post to notify ya guys and gals waiting for news, that i had to suspend development for a month or so due to some personal reasons. As of today, iím back into coding though !

    Oh, and thereís Xmas coming huh Ö mnn

    On a sidenote, as of yesterday nullDCe also runs on android, thank god the internet for willing overseas testers !. Also, the ppc rec got some improvements some weeks ago (wii speeds tripled, now nearing playable rates). The same code will also be used for ps3 (both wii and ps3 use ppc in big endian). There are some vidis on youtube, you can go hunting for them, but nothing too pretty so wonít link from here

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    will be really interesting to watch the progress of this emu..

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    New post on drk||Raziel's blog http://drk.emudev.org/blog/?p=210
    ports, ports & ports !

    More progress on the android front, i finished porting the arm code-path to android. This isn’t such a huge feat considering the code worked already for linux, but its nice to be done with the initial porting . Will try to find a cheapo small tablet now so I can work more on the interface and stuff, so its more usable — but don’t hold your breath over it just yet.

    *MANY* thanks to BlankCD01 for the many hours he let me play with teamviewer and his phone !

    Also, got some dynamic code running on the ps3, so dynarec there is one step closer. yay ? kudos to ps3sx for helping there (and of course to AerialX for kammy)


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