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Thread: NullDC DreamCast Emulator PS3 Port Update, BiOS Operational

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    saviour07 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by arijohn1 View Post
    Dolphin is a current Wii and gamecube emulator thats what he was speaking of.
    Oh ok, i'm not up-to-date with the wii scene tbh so i just assumed - thanks for informing me
    Quote Originally Posted by Pcsx2006 View Post
    Yeah it'll be a fantastic start for PS3 homebrew scene, 1st DREAMCAST and GAMECUBE, maybe VVII and in the middle PS2 and XBOX and at the end XBOX360 MY GOD. I must say one console to rule them All! is PS3 nuff said.
    Obvs there's a dreamcast emu in the works, and a port of pcsx2 - that is mainly down to these being pre-existing projects which have been around for years!

    However a wii emu/gamecube emu would probably be a while away - noone has tried to emu the wii before AFAIK and the gamecube (dolphin) emu is designed for the wii and would need alot of porting done to reach playability on the ps3.
    Xbox is unlikely but not impossible.

    Xbox360 is highly improbable - emulation is a very involved process and even with the raw power of the ps3 it is highly, HIGHLY improbable that anyone would be able to create the emulation process of a 360 which is end-user acceptable for playability anytime soon (within 2 to 3 years).

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    whinis Guest
    I would wager to say that 360 emulation on the ps3 is nearly impossible as the 360 uses a modified Dx where as the the ps3 uses a modified OpenGl. So it would be similar to the Wine Project and while it does emulate many aspects of windows perfectly Dx it does not.

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    bullie Guest
    What's even better is both NullDC and Dolphin (and yes it plays wii games fine) I have working on the PC in 3D.

    NullDC stereo plugin works great
    Dolphin works great with 3D for wii games

    Dolphin uses processor mostly, GPU not so much so it should actually smash a PC once fully optimized in terms of rendering with the cell.
    3D requires double rendering
    = Think we have the ultimate console for emu's, for now

    Please make it all come true oooo yeh.

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    Do you really think ps3 can run xbox & xbox360 emulators? Is the PS3 powerful enough to do that, from a hardware perspective? I wonder how smooth they would.

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    ibuycheap Guest
    The ps3 gpu is slower than the 360's even if there were no additional overhead caused by emulating the hardware it would never happen. You generally need at least twice the power of the system you want to emulate to begin with.

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    msr Guest
    I would be just happy with dreamcast emu, plus everything before. Gamecube would be nice too, but my fav would be dreamcast like you guys.

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    whinis Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ibuycheap View Post
    The ps3 gpu is slower than the 360's even if there were no additional overhead caused by emulating the hardware it would never happen. You generally need at least twice the power of the system you want to emulate to begin with.
    The power of graphics for a ps3 is not in the gpu, sony admitted they added it as a cruch. The power of the ps3s graphics is in the spu's that can ( theoretically) have 3 times of the power of the 360's gpu. However there are hard to code for and no one really knows how to use them. That's ignoring that fact that we have no idea how the 360's code really works or that dx->opengl, while slightly different than current case, is still in it relative infancy.

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    SaveU Guest
    This is great news. On the homebrew front, I remember there being some emus (although older, mame, nes,gen etcc... ) that were playable due to exploits in earlier ps3 firmware. (version 1 etc..)

    would these emus be usable now? Or easily ported anyway?

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    esputer Guest
    Just wanted to point out, i playing around with the ps3 FTP and and browsing the PS3 hardrive i found some interesting stuff, amount them a 3 folders called psp, ps2, ps emu and on the marvel vs capcom 2 downloadable game well the game itself is located on a folder called GDROM and the insides of it are nearly identical to the dreamcast files for the same game it even includes a 1st_read.bin and everything, so maybe it might be posible to use that engine to start the DC emulation!

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    pasky Guest
    I wouldn't hold my breath for a 360 emulator, that seems a bit far fetched. Dreamcast definitely seems possible and it seems the PS3 should be able to handle most games at full speed depending on how well Drk||Razi can manipulate the Ps3.

    I'm more interested in a mame port that runs all games full speed myself. My regular xbox works great, but some games have slow down.

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