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    Arrow No recoil hack on mw2

    Well for my 1st post i'll do a cracking one for the people that don't know this

    Here's the tut:

    thanks for looking

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    Jan 2009
    Accept my apologies but what the hell is wrong with those toolbars?

    I don't even give a damn to a hacker that is not even able to remove toolbars, or even unable to untick them during setup...

    Thanks for sharing though...

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    I'll save someone the hassle later on, but you cannot use the Right Analog Stick whilst doing this 'Hack', therefore it's not much cop at the moment.

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    Apr 2008
    Not even his "hack", put source next time...

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    I made/discovered this hack originally and I can confirm that you cannot use the right analog stick. Don't go thirdperson mode in spectate either. It becomes scary.

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    Big Grin

    Quote Originally Posted by Ihatecompvir View Post
    Don't go thirdperson mode in spectate either. It becomes scary.
    Now that you've said it I might try it hehe.

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    1. Your tutorial needs subtitles because your accent is really hard to understand.

    2. Those toolbars on your browser makes you look like a huuuuge noob which I wouldn't put past you.

    3. Why would we care about this hack if you can't use the right analog?

    4. Don't encourage hacking games, Mw2 is already broken as it is.

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    At the end of the day it is an actual hack for MW2 PS3 which is some progress, despite the major flaw with not being able to use the right analogue stick.

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    this is gay, why would you want to hack on ps3?! come on man, i hope these hacks don't catch on as i really hate people that hack on games!

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    Aug 2009
    Indeed, a major catch. Guns like the Scar, M4, and ACR piss me off because they gave basically no recoil anyway.

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