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Thread: Nintendo 64 emulator for PS3

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    flynhawaiin Guest

    Question Nintendo 64 emulator for PS3

    Is it possible to make a Nintendo 64 emulator for the PS3 without linux as in using a USB system install and such as you can with SNES and Psgen? Or is linux the only way to put a Nintendo 64 emulator on the PS3.

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    Feijao2009 Guest
    i think its impossible..

    but search in another topics

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    flynhawaiin Guest
    well it doesn't need a lot of 3D acceleration and i know that its a simple emulator because i have project64 on my computer. I know emulator is just a program to mask for what it is and run the roms. Is it not possible to make a code to download on the PS3 menu or is that some completely different?

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    BluEvo Guest
    Please use the search button in future, this must be like the 5th time I have answered this. The answer is NO. If an emulator was to be made it would be done in Linux but it is still not possible as it does not have access to the RSX to emulate the 3D aspect of games hence that's why there are things like SNES emulators but no emulator for a console that renders 3D.

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    tounsy Guest
    it is not only the 3d that makes it not possible. There may be the buttons configuration thing. It might be hard to play any game on the ps3 just download project 64 and download roms on your pc its easier and you can configure the buttons so you feel more confortable.

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    flynhawaiin Guest
    yes i have it on my pc and i use ps2 controller for the games and it works great. remote play from the pc to the ps3 is not possible? i connect my laptop to my tv every now and then but i could be cool to be able to access it from my pc. so is xbox, wii, and pc the only able systems to run N64 emulators?

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    sikmunky Guest
    Someone will come out with it sooner or later... Considering the other consoles are being emulated, it should be possible...

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    Rionius Guest
    I wouldn't be that sure that it'll come ever. Consider that the XBox360 can be flashed for quite a while, and we have a lot more knowledge over over it than over the PS3, and there still isn't a N64 emulator out.

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    Rtrace Guest
    I'd have to say yes, it is very possible to create an N64 emulator for the PS3. However the first step is to get the PS3 to run unsigned code and while you are it make it so that the PS3 does not get bricked. I would wager the best option would be to find something that will allow you to run some thing like BootMii so that you can still update your PS3 and be fine. However for all I know Sony has nothing like that because they thought ahead.

    You also need to get access to the GPU and CPU of the PS3. This way you can play the N64 games properly and I willing to wager that there is some security that needs to be broken in order for you to do that.

    Anyways, an emulator only needs a host that can run 8x faster or so than the original host. So if the Wii or Xbox can emulate games at full speed with pretty much no signs of error then it is safe to say the PS3 can do that with ease. So the graphics, the sound and what ever else you can think of are of no concern to emulating. The argument that the controls will not be set right or have do not have enough buttons is bull. It has the same if not more buttons than the N64 and feel a lot better to use.

    Now again the only reason you do not see any real home brews on the PS3 is that it's hard to crack the PS3. Certainly you can use a mod chip.

    But that's dangerous and voids your warranty. What people are looking for is a softmod, which is going to be very hard to make as Sony has gone to great lengths to destroy the ability to run unsign code on their PS3. It's not impossible to break into and get to run unsigned never is. Just a long hard process that takes a very long time. So you gotta live and wait for some thing to be found.

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    flynhawaiin Guest
    Would it be possible to run an emulator from a dvd? It sounds as if the ps3 made sure hacking would be near impossible. Is there a way to run a program from the ps3 menu?

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