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Thread: New Tiff PS3 Exploit

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    Question New Tiff PS3 Exploit

    ICE have released a "overflow.tiff" exploit today which is confirmed working on PS3 firmwares up to 2.10 on BOTH PAL and NTSC consoles.

    here is the tiff file!

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    Anything from 'ICE' is worthless and definitely NOT a PS3 "exploit", for additional info on their lies and attention-seeking tactics check here:

    This is likely more old/stolen code from someone like IBM, and it serves no useful purpose as well. The PS3 is protected from overflows, so this is just another hang/crash like their last BS video... we already have enough Tiff files that do this on the Forum though.

    Their last 100% BS PS3 "hack/exploit" is here:

    If you wish to indulge them in their fantasies, I suggest you do it on their own Web sites... not here as it's a complete waste of time.

    Update: [color=red]Confirmed Stolen by ICE- Props to mainman for finding the 2 year old TIFF that ICE stole and claimed as their own work above.

    Original SOURCE for stolen ICE "exploit" is:

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