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Thread: new russian ps1 loader ?

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    bublik462 Guest

    Question new russian ps1 loader ?

    new russian ps1 loader ?

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    Apr 2005
    Can't read Russian, but I know there was a legit PSXLoader for PS3 by Hermes last year though iirc it was for PS2 homebrew:

    Anyway, we can use this thread to debate/debunk the videos eh?

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    hakc Guest
    It seems to me that he is playing an original game.

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    pockets69 Guest
    why would you bother posting stuff like this no one will believe it, we are tired of iso loader videos. Expect to make us believe, release the files.

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    paranormalix Guest
    it doesn't look like it's a fake, i mean normally it would show the black disc if it was playing off the disc..

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    Tokyo Rain Guest
    The russian text says "Disc Formatted Playstation".

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