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  1. #161
    Dominator7 Guest
    can this be compiled for psfreedom?

  2. #162
    dondolo Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Senaxx View Post
    It's the same as the - OLIMEX-mcu_at90usb162-8Mhz.hex from ps3ita, just renamed.
    10x i'll test later

  3. #163
    zeromx Guest
    This is some GREAT news and the ability to update games makes life alot easier for everyone!... progress has been made

  4. #164
    h0bbit Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Senaxx View Post
    Here is a little collection for the most common boards...
    Possible to get the LEDs.h file from you for Teensy 2.0? I noticed you have LED's working in your compile. I can't get mine working =\

  5. #165
    sxcevo Guest
    i wonder if games like COD MW2 now work? because maybe if we apply the updates and then try and lunch the game we wont get the black screen?? ...and same for other games anyone tried this yet? (i dont have my copy of MW2 anymore so i cant test)

  6. #166
    teltras Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by megarun2010 View Post
    Here's a working one guys i just use it and it works just updated madden11 made by jojo
    This file is not working, can you compile it again for TI-84 Plus?

    Or someone post a working one please?


  7. #167
    naveenr Guest
    i did a search and couldn't find... is there hex for ATMEGA32U.. minimus 32KB ?

    Please guys.. can anyone create a hex please ?

  8. #168
    rimom Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Senaxx View Post
    Can you try this one and let me know?
    tried on psgropic, no go.

  9. #169
    naveenr Guest
    Please guys.. can anyone create a minimus32 hex please ?
    # 22 Programmable I/O Lines
    # 32Kbyte Flash
    # 1024 Byte SRAM
    # 1024 byte EEPROM
    # 16 MIPS Throughput
    # USB 2.0 High Speed
    # 5V USB Powered
    # 16MHz Quartz Crystal Oscillator Circuit

  10. #170
    mohp Guest
    Does anyone know if this update will make prince of persia the forgotten sands to work?

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