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Thread: New PSGroove Hex Codes Arrive, All PS3 Games Can Update Now

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    aliko100 Guest
    Guys I need a compiled HEX for the ATmega16u4 (Open Kubus), can anyone help ?

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    modmate Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by puppydg68 View Post
    Also high Velocity Bowling Move Edition works now - What you need to do.

    1) backup your Velocity bowling game.
    2) Open FTP and create a folder called USRDIR under PS3GAME
    3) Copy any Eboot.bin from any other game into that folder.
    4) Now you can launch the "Installer Disc" that shows in OBM.. Without the above steps you can not mount the Game, since there is no eboot.. the retail disc doesn't contain an executable, only installable packages.
    5) Navigate to the high velocity bowling, go to the first icon and install.. (now that we have install of retail pkg) this works.
    That make no sense and also its not true! I also got HV Bowling right here a long time, and after PKG install you`ll find a folder
    NPU80044 on your ps3 hdd under game. Thats HV bowling , also got a usdir and a eboot.bin in there. I`ve also tried updates / debugupdates in any combination and this GAME DOES NOT WORK!!!

    Only thing possible that you`ve got the retaildisc of that game , and also in the drive while playing. Nothing else possible for sure.

    Greets Modmate

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    bylku Guest
    Dear Sanaxx, please explain it to me: I am green in this hex. files stuff... please tell me what does this hex. hermes v3 do? I have a psgrove 1.1 , is any reason that I schould change? what benefits are behind the hermes v3, what kind of OM ii should use (I use OM 1.14)... and it let me to hold games on LUN12345, can I heve the same with new OP and new hex.?

    I am sory for such stupid question, but since You are for me -"you are my only hope"

    kindest regards

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    farenheit Guest
    This release isn't any different from the previous release apart from the addition of:

    PATCH_INST(0x5745C, li %r31, 0)
    Which we were told that it actually breaks the code than enything else.

    I would exercise patience and wait for Hermes V4... but anyway... each to their own i guess.

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    Senaxx Guest
    Hello, can you try the following hex?

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    fileracc Guest
    Any news about AVCHD / BD-Video mounting from internal HDD?

    I experimented with syscall8 with no success...

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    teltras Guest
    Strange, all my games are working after the updates, but to run that games I need to have a bluray disc inside allways.

    I do not like that, seems like we are moving backwards.

    I remove the updates from my games except the move games, itīs much better now.

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    recluSed Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ryu40002 View Post
    I just try updating red dead and all it does is download the update install it then locks up? i'm using the ti84+ that was posted eariler with obm 1.16 any help??
    I am using the new payload with PS3JB 0.06 non a TI-84 Silver and Red Dead updated fine for me, where it hadn't been before the new payload. I am using Open Manager to load the game into the slot.

    Just make sure you delete your previous game data and then open the game on your HDD and then install and go from there. The update should work fine after that.

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    Senaxx Guest
    Hmm I'm not a hex guru, I just compile some hexes and follow the scene and have my own playstation info site for dutch people. And sorry buy i'm not going to explain everything that's happening in the scene. It's more fun to find out yourself, and better to learn how everything works.

    Just a tip, flash this hex to your device and use one of the latest backup managers that are available like Open Manager V2 Rc6 or

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    modmate Guest

    and also its missing some fixes like fifa 11 and uncharted 2 fix. Iīve made some hex yesterday with all the latest updates i found.

    For teensy v.1 AT90USb162 with 16 Mhz:

    For Blackcat Usb:

    Both confirmed working. So if anyone give it a shot to see if there are differences? Would be great.

    Greets Modmate

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