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Thread: New PS3 SSL "Proxy" in development

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    ionbladez Guest

    Cool New PS3 SSL "Proxy" in development

    Hey guys, this is the first time I've ever posted something big about something I'm doing.

    anyways this has bugged me for a while.
    I won't post how this works but I hope SOON, users will be able to bypass Sony's firmware check, YET AGAIN, and could never get patched!

    this program will be done in visualC# and visualBasic .net (2.0)
    You will need the .NET framework to run this program but I'm sure that won't be a problem with all the microsoft updates and what-not.

    My current knowledge with SSL is utter crap, but that doesn't mean I won't give up! this program will basically intercept the PS3's DIRECT connnection to "" and retrieve the server certificate. In other words, it's a proxy.

    Upon release, (hopefully soon), I will be hard-coding a member's PSN ID into the program, and they'll have to enter it into a box upon execution. That way actual SCE devs won't be able to crack it open very easily. I'll also be packing this with some wicked, yes (wicked) - features.

    As of right now I'm waiting for DemonSeed to post me a reply to pm. I need some more insight on exactly what the PS3 connects to, since leads to nothing I can use.

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    Sounds interesting indeed ionbladez... I will keep an eye on this project thread.

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    Ihatecompvir Guest
    The "wicked" thing makes me think you've found a way to change the download links to other download links, and make it work. I hope we'll be able to get things from the store again.

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    PSPSwampy Guest
    Sounds interesting ionbladez - thought about doing something similar myself, but never have enough time / will to get anything done. My SSL knowledge is useless too so....

    Will be watching this thread for progress


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    ionbladez Guest

    Big Grin SSL class in progress!

    Well, for the lulz, since I need some more info for the server side, I just added an HTTP request tester, which just lets you get headers, and responses from the host. It also allows you to use POST data so you can try to test an XML, I haven't included posting variables yet but the servers to reply (which they should).

    The ssl class hasn't been fully (half-way complete!). For some reason it has trouble RESOLVING ssl servers. As soon as I get that complete I'll be on my way.

    And yes that would be a sick as hell idea to get the store links running again.
    This program couldn't be patched either because whenever sony puts an update on their ssl, I can just capture the PS3 data again and fake it. Like a wise man once said, "If it can be sent, it can be read."

    But any ideas and help guys, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm running and importing my c# code on compile. So if you have ANY, I mean ANY SSL knowledge please let me know. I've only done simple TCP/UDP stuff before but now I'm going to get serious.

    LOL, also forgot. If ANYONE would like to donate (please! paypal: [email protected]) I'd like to buy some libraries from this site, it would definitely keep me from coding 1000 lines that I wouldn't need!

    But I'll keep everyone posted, as always.

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    internetfloozy Guest is a redirect

    this is all that page contains
    <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=/accounts/register/beginNewAccountRegistrationFlow.action">
    <body onload="document.location='/accounts/register/beginNewAccountRegistrationFlow.action';">
    	This page should never be viewed. Please click <a href="/accounts/register/beginNewAccountRegistrationFlow.action">here</a>.

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    ionbladez Guest
    Ya, I've already discovered that. I wanted to know where exactly this LOGIN follows because that is a new user registration page and is down.

    I want the actual POST url it's going to directly, so I can mess around with it until I get some data retrieved.

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    Ihatecompvir Guest
    Hey man, if you ever need a Beta Tester I'll be able to do it.

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    nightwish Guest

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    Two thumbs up ionbladez

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    Starlight Guest
    Sounds very interesting ionbladez and nice work.

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