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Thread: New PS3 SSL "Proxy" in development

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    xcito Guest


    Nice work! Cant wait for the release. Hows the progress? Send me a message if you need some help. Im a .Net dev.

    *Keep up the good work!*

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    ionbladez Guest
    Well guys, I just got my laptop back from the guy I sold it to, one of my friends btw.
    Now I have another problem (or we, as the general public).

    I no longer have my PS3, or PSP for that matter, to tinker this with.
    I have the project file sitting on my server and will need to install and again, so any help, would greatly be appreciated.

    As for this week, I'm going to new york TOMORROW (as of this post) and will be there till jan 6th.
    I will still have active leads on this project, but still tons and tons of work that needs to be complete.

    I'll keep everyone posted, so look out, I'll probably want beta testers in the next coming weeks.

    this won't ever be fully complete, since sony can patch just about anything, but I will work on it whenever I can and post some progress.

    pce guys.

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    numero53 Guest
    If you need a beta tester I could help you.. (I've a ps3 slim still with 3.01 firmware because i use a firmware bypass) I've a quite good knowledge of VB 6 (I already know that itsn't no more used... but i studied it on my own years ago). Just my English isn't perfect

    Edit: Ionbladez, where are you!?

    I'm still waiting for your New PS3 SSL "Proxy"... If you left the project could you give me at least the code? I'm still thinking that this tool could be usefull untill will be released a custom firmware.

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