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    spideygower Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by SilvaVirus View Post
    work perfect on JB 3.41 external..
    MLB 11 or dragon age 2? How did you do that? I had no problem with dragon age 2 but MLB 11 had 2 files to split so i had to install to PS3 HD and I can't seem to get it to load in 3.41 JB. Any help would be appreciated.

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    NTA Guest
    lol reminds me of psp games, good times...

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    TheSparky Guest
    S1eepy make sure you have a game in your BD drive. Then open the game in MM, but don't start it immediately. When you get back to the XMB, select the disk and NOT the apps/home directory (or whatever it is called).

    In other news, I can't seem to get any dialogue when playing DA2. It seems as though the DA2 is forcing 5.1 sound setup even though I'm only on a 2.0 setup? I know some people had this issue with DA:O, but I never read about a fix.

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    spideygower Guest
    does anyone have any help on MLB 11 the show? everytime I start it up it tells me to update to 3.55 , I must be doing something wrong, thanks.

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    S1eepy Guest
    That what i do for all games. But DA2 seems to not like it. Tried different disks in, and different boot methods, (direct from MM, exiting to XMB, and select+x from MM) but no luck.

    I asked MM to fake it for me when i first tried to load it (before checking here) do i need to undo that somehow before it will work?

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    makere Guest
    Anyone got a Dragon Age 2 patch for the EUR version? Bought the game but can't play

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    modmate Guest
    And now HOMEFRONT hits the scene , along with a patch for 3.41 which works fine. Just 3.55 users still wait for a working patch.

    Greets Modmate

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    H3avyRain Guest
    there are some 3.55 patches already for homefront, if anyone gets one that works please leave feedback.

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