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Thread: New PS3 Firmware 3.56+ Downgrade Method is Detailed

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    slifer1231 Guest

    New PS3 Firmware 3.56+ Downgrade Method is Detailed

    I have found a new PS3 Firmware 3.56+ downgrade method here:

    I have tested this method and can confirm it works. Here is the method, it only works with PS3 (non-Slim) consoles with date code before 9A.. Sony had changed the registration code with 9A and after. Here it is, credit to iknowyounot88 who posted it on NGU and HzardHD via Seal-Team-6 on who actually discovered it.

    You can find this on the sticker on the bottom of your PS3.

    Okay, I see a lot of people making new threads asking if their PS3 was made before the 17th of February 2009. Some of you aren't even looking at the right thing. In the middle of the PS3 there is a code. A number and a letter, like this: 9C. If your PS3 is made before 9A then you are good to go. I'm going to make a list if some of you still don't get it:
    • 6 - 2006
    • 7 - 2007
    • 8 - 2008
    • 9 - 2009
    • 0 - 2010
    • A - First quarter of the year
    • B - Second quarter of the year
    • C - Third quarter of the year
    • D - Fourth quarter of the year
    • First quarter - January, February, March
    • Second quarter - April, May, June
    • Third quarter - July, August, September
    • Fourth quarter - October, November, December

    For example, 9C means that is was made in in the third quarter of 2009, either July, August or September, and that this method of downgrading does not work on that system. As I said earlier it only works on system made before February 17th 2009, so that means that it doesn't matter if your system was made 9A, it has to be before.

    EDIT: PlayStation slims are manufactured After the The cut off for this So Sorry for this inconvenience.

    Getting started:
    • USB Flashdrives, 4 GB or more - That means NO (Reapeat) NO 2GB Flashdrives!
    • 2 PS3 Controllers Via USB
    • A Computer, you obviously have one -.-
    • A disk that will run in your PS3, BUT NO DvD's!, CD's Work best, or EARLY PS3 Games (EARLY!!!)

    First on one of your flashdrives, You will need OFW 3.21, found here:

    Your second USB will contain your desired firmware, whether that firmware is 3.55, or 3.56, 3.66, just put it on the USB in the PS3 UPDATE folder.

    Now go to your PS3, start the restore mode menu.

    Note: All that don't follow from here on WILL brick their console, seriously.

    Plug in both controllers, if your second controller does not turn on, you are okay, if it does, you need to put it back into restore.

    Click "Restore System Default" With first controller, and AS YOU press it, unplug your power cord while spamming the O Button on 2nd controller. Note: My brother always helped.

    Okay so as soon as you unplug your PS3, make sure Controller 2 is still spamming O.

    Plug power cord back in, Hold the "Disk Eject" Button for 15 seconds. Still spamming O.

    After 15 seconds, quit spamming O, Unplug controller 1, Put controller 2 into Controller 1's slot

    Put USB with 3.21 in. Enter restore mode.

    If you did it correctly, you should go to Update, and be able to update to 3.21, if not retry. My first console took 4 tries. Don't worry.

    After you update to 3.21, Unplug power cord. Put the 3.21 USB in Controller 2's slot, put Desired Frimware USB in other slot, use wireless controller now.

    Insert your CD/ early Game. Turn on your console. Keep pressing the PS button on your controller in tell it brings up a screen that looks like recovery screen. There will be 3 options:
    • "Terminate HDD Memory"
    • "Report Sytem Defect to Main Hub"
    • "Insert new Default Update"

    And you will see the Registerd TradeMark Sony PS3 at the bottom. Turn off your controller, unplug 3.21 USB, plug in Controller 2.

    Press "Insert new Default Update". It will ask for default update's registration code.

    Here are a list of registration codes, they all work. DO NOT Input them wrong, or it will YLOD your sytem.
    • 3.55- 49-9034-3554
    • 3.56- 50-2534-3565
    • 3.60- 71-6774-3607
    • 3.61- 72-2378-3617
    • 3.66- 94-3298-3669

    Then it will say "Override error" Have an option to click "OK" or press O to leave the screen. Switch controllers from controller 2, to controller 1, then press "OK".

    It will ask for the serial number of the system. Just enter "PS3XPR.%34" For fats and "PS3XPR.%34S" for slims and it will let you continue. It will ask you to click "OK" one last time. Then you will have to press "Install" and let it download the update.

    When it's finished, it will shut down, the red light will flash 3 times, Green 3 times, Red 4 times, Green 3 times, Red 5 times, Green 3 times, Red 6 times, green 4 times. IMMEDIATELY at the end of Green 4 times "Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep". You have to unplug the power cord. Then plug it back in after 15 seconds.

    You will start up your system with none of your USB slots being used, it will then install the update, and restart your console.

    Congratulations, you're ready to jailbreak!

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    Thanks for the news slifer1231 and +Rep! I organized it a little bit better and attached the related pics, although I am still debating whether to mainpage this or not... I guess if it hits other scene site mainpages we can do it up, or it can remain here awhile until members have a chance to examine it as well.

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    elser1 Guest
    seems a little dodgy to me.. but if its real and works then that's amazing!! so you have tested it slifer? my fat 40gig is on 3.66 but its my retail but its 8B on the bottom so it will work.. but like i said its my retail console so i won't bother but this is great news for others..
    any one tested yet?

    slims will NOT work as they were made after the cut off date!!!!

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    TheShroomster Guest
    Has anyone tried this? Seems a little fishy but i did see something on git's twitter page mentioning something without specifics and they said that they didn't have a second controller to try i'm gonna scan the twitter account for more details and if i find any ill let ya know.

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    elser1 Guest
    oh and i wouldn't suggest trying this 1st.. LOL please wait people you don't want to mess with your console until someone that knows can confirm if this is legit!! because it seems fake from what i can gather from source site!

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    kiy0shi Guest
    This doesn't work on 3.67? Up to 3.66 only?

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    There is only up to PS3 3.66 Firmware out at the moment, but even whether it works on 3.56+ is still sketchy at best.
    # US

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    xpa12 Guest
    Am I the only one to notice it says NOT for slim consoles, yet gives a serial number to enter for slims? Seems a little suspect to me.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Plausible but seems a bit odd procedure really - hopefully someone brave enough with after YLOD PS3 or BD drive faulty will attempt this and report back. Also some steps of the procedure seems a bit confusing (all his controller pulling and swapping) and finally as it coud be used only on PHATs anyway, I'd suggest using back power switch rather than pulling the power cable all the time. Also - the "explanation" of date code is uber complicated - you simply need PHAT with date code between 6A and 8D (or even simplier - starting with 6, 7, 8 or 9).

    What's a bit fishy though is the amout of times you've should "pull the power cable" out - it could at best lead to premature dead of your beloved PHAT PS3

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    HZoooof Guest
    The most of members in nextgen are saying it is fake ! But not sure !

    Can Anyone figure that out ??

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