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    Senior Member mushy409's Avatar
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    I think Sony's security will protect the console against random button-slapping and pad swapping. Seems like bull to me!!!

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    I have a question why does the usb has to be 4 gigs or more? The file is only like 170 mb or close to it.

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    anyone had any luck with this method yet?

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    trying this right now ... thank god i kept my old fat on 3.61

  5. #75
    got into restore mode the first try but what author didn't put in is how to get there ... it seems to require a full start up and shut down via the power button and then another start up via power button (until 2 beeps) to get to restore mode ... but it seems all that isn't working when i try to get back into recovery mode because i have to do another full start up and shut down ...

    grr a video will help but i'll keep trying

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    You do realize this is old posts.

    This is new method: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-cf...er-124791.html

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    I do now ... I guess I thought since one mod vouched than it probably does work

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    hi, my ofw is 3.66 how i can hack my ps3 i can use this method?

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    anybody tried it with 4.11?

    does it work?

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    Does this really work like wtf i'm trying to find out


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