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  1. #51
    kiy0shi Guest
    Are you getting any error? code? what ps3 model you have?

  2. #52
    asmugone Guest
    data corroupt error 8002F225, dont have access to a console with 3.56v2 so I cant do the hdd swap method

    model is cechh01 btw

  3. #53
    kiy0shi Guest
    U have the orginal hard disk? Have you try to put that in and update 3.56v1?

  4. #54
    OGroteKoning Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Fusseltuch View Post
    If it's about timing and stuff wouldn't it be possible to "fake" the timing with tensy++ (etc.) boards?
    I was thinking the same thing. I think the first step is for someone to post the video. Then others can see what the timing and durations are. Some steps can be automated with less human input.

  5. #55
    asmugone Guest
    negative on original hdd, hence the loop. im going to have to wait untill I can have a friend come over to help me with this. Its almost impossible to perform this method solo.

  6. #56
    naveedkazi Guest
    my brother has accidentally upgraded my ps3 to 3.66? my ps3 mfg is of July 2008, can this be downgraded as well? please help me. i can see some of you have managed to downgrade it.

    Is it really possible. Will the instruction provided is going to brick my ps3 in any case. Please can some one upload a video for this?

  7. #57
    kiy0shi Guest
    If you don't know what you are doing, there is possibility that you get hard disk corrupted..

    So I suggest that you wait for more instruction and video..

  8. #58
    TUHTA Guest
    Guys, can you picture how that method is working on practice? Its like 2 or even more guys needed, just for 1 PS3 to make this trick to work,and sometimes you should try it more than once.

    Looks like fake, i can't understand who is using (what department, or service center) that RUBBISH method.

    And even, the most absurdly thing is, USE NON SONY's USB JOYPADS... no comments at this part.

  9. #59
    kiy0shi Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by slifer1231 View Post
    i'm going to try to see if I can not do it again. i'm going to reupdate my phat to 3.66 and try it again and ill try to make a video if i can get it to work it again like i said it took me a coulpe of tries to get it the first time so if i make a video i'll try to cut out any failed attempts to save time.

    I just checked my email i emailed the guy who originally found the downgrade method and he said it has to do with timing getting the system unplugged at the right moment and a bit of luck to get by the corrupt data error that a lot of people have done and other people on some other sites have successfully done this downgrade but its difficult to do and getting the timing correct is the problem.
    Any progress? People are so excited and they can't wait..

  10. #60
    pj1499 Guest
    my ps3 is fat 40 and code 8b. does it work by this method?

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