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Thread: New PS3 Firmware 3.56+ Downgrade Method is Detailed

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    kiy0shi Guest
    That is normal. Your ps3 is downgradeble.

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    Fusseltuch Guest
    If it's about timing and stuff wouldn't it be possible to "fake" the timing with tensy++ (etc.) boards?

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    elser1 Guest
    any luck with a video slifer? that would help all these people trying to do this!! and once agian to those of you who can't or won't read, THIS WILL NOT WORK ON SLIM ps3!!!

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    bigboss09 Guest
    Thx for repling so why in the instruction put code of 3.56 3.60 3.61... there is only CFW at this moment avaible so in the 2sd usb put 3.55 OFW then put his registration code? and anyone try this method and show us video demonstration and thx.

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    kiy0shi Guest
    slifer said that he gonna make a video. In tutorial registration code of 3.55 49-9034-3554. elser1 Why then they said that if ps3 is made before 2009 its downgradeble and there is registration code for slims too.

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    asmugone Guest
    I am currently attempting this but when I go to recovery both of my controls light up. I have tried inserting them at the same time while already pluged into the controls, I have also tried with the cords plugged into the ps3 and then inserting them into the controlers. I am currently on my 10th try to get to this step. Can someone please help me understand why this is not working.. on ps3 phat manufactured on July 2008.

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    kiy0shi Guest
    You have to wait.. 2nd controller will shutdown soon as your controller's battery is full.

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    asmugone Guest
    Thanks for the help kiy0shi,

    i'm currently stuck in the 3.56 v1 loop due to non original hdd and hopefully this will get me out!

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    kiy0shi Guest
    What kind of methods you have try it to get it off the loop?

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    asmugone Guest
    I have tried using a regular formatted ps3 hard drive, updating to firmware 3.56 v2 or reuploading 3.56 v1, all options in recovery, no joy

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