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Thread: New PS3 Firmware 3.56+ Downgrade Method is Detailed

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    kiy0shi Guest
    I didn't get any simple answers, when asked some advice from those who successfully done it. Maybe they all got amnesia or something

    Any progress? slifer.. did you manage to get it work with that tutorial?

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    slifer1231 Guest
    i'm going to try to see if I can not do it again. i'm going to reupdate my phat to 3.66 and try it again and ill try to make a video if i can get it to work it again like i said it took me a coulpe of tries to get it the first time so if i make a video i'll try to cut out any failed attempts to save time.

    I just checked my email i emailed the guy who originally found the downgrade method and he said it has to do with timing getting the system unplugged at the right moment and a bit of luck to get by the corrupt data error that a lot of people have done and other people on some other sites have successfully done this downgrade but its difficult to do and getting the timing correct is the problem.

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    bigboss09 Guest
    I wanna ask about registration code? i have PS3 FAT 8C with OFW 3.56, in the last Step when i put registration code i put the one with original installed firmware (code for 3.56 in my case) or what? and in the 2sd usb flash i put OFW 3.56 ?

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    kiy0shi Guest
    2nd usb stick contains the desired firmware, that firmware you want to install. example 3.55. Then you put 3.55 registration code..

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    jacquesjk Guest
    my model don't ever had this number,and is a Asian model's an CECH-2112A model what that means?

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    kiy0shi Guest
    there you can see the types:

    Perhaps I have been mistaken, but this method doesn't work on slim? You don't have date mark in your ps3? at the bottom..

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    jd200 Guest
    does this work if your on ofw 3.66 which i'm on, what you use 3.21 and 3.55 ?

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    kiy0shi Guest
    slifer and many else had succesfully downgrade with this method. I like to see video about that process. My timing in first step sucked.

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    dyceast Guest
    I am thinking of doing this, but i just need a few clarifications... where does it say, when to insert the USB that has the firmware that you want to change to.. E.g. 3.55

    Not going to try this now, after reading slifer1231 post, about timing, I will wait to see if someone has mastered the timing, if it will ever happen..

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    fuc847 Guest
    it's weird.. i have a fat 3rd gen 80gb ps3 but i dont even have that label that says the "9C" or "8C". it does however say it was manufactured in aug 2008.

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