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    Mbb Guest
    1 Day left for me, local german time is the same time as here in the Netherlands, should be around 10:00(am) in New York if i'm right

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    Sostanco Guest
    1 thing is sure: sony will release firmware 3.6 really quick

  3. #23
    barbnjason Guest
    Here are some times from outside of EU to help figure out when it will be on your local time.

    Asia/Tokyo 00:00:00 30-Dec-2010
    Australia/ACT 02:00:00 30-Dec-2010
    Brazil/East 13:00:00 29-Dec-2010
    NZ 04:00:00 30-Dec-2010
    US/Alaska 06:00:00 29-Dec-2010
    US/Central 09:00:00 29-Dec-2010
    US/Eastern 10:00:00 29-Dec-2010
    US/Pacific 07:00:00 29-Dec-2010

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    elser1 Guest
    thanks BarbnJason.. for the times for Australia.

  5. #25
    MattStA Guest
    Thank you for posting the times for those of us outside usa.. Much appreciated.

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    budhambre Guest
    Subscribed! I'm looking for full control of my ps3 as well as 3.55 support.

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    Warrorar Guest
    what is this board connected to the ps3 in the third picture? o.O

    and i wish i would have enough time -.-

  8. #28
    CJPC Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Warrorar View Post
    what is this board connected to the ps3 in the third picture? o.O

    and i wish i would have enough time -.-
    It's a flash reader/writer.

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    zeromx Guest

    Rumor: PS3 Recovery Mode to Be Unveiled at 27C3?

    According to Kajika from Elotrolado, the picture below is the suprise that will be presented tomorrow at 27c3. The rumours is that it was posted on marcan's twitter account and removed but got saved by one user.

    It seems like a Recovery Menu similiar to the PSP and BootMii.

    source: logic-sunrise.com/news-197152-rumeur-le-recovery-mode-twitte-par-accident-par-marcan.html

  10. #30
    condorstrike Guest
    That would be awesome if true, since it wouldn't matter what FW you go up to since you can always recover from it, unless Sony blows the mythical e-fuse or something like that. hope it's true...

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